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Irish Session Tunes: The Red Book  - Matt Cranitch


Irish Session Tunes: The Red Book - Matt Cranitch

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Cranitch, Matt
Irish Session Tunes: The Red Book (Book/CD) 14007903 OMB352~ Instrumental Album (Violin, but suitable for all instruments)

IRISH SESSION TUNES: THE RED BOOK selected by Matt CranitchBook/CD pack. The "red book" in this series includes 100 Irish dance tunes (double jigs, slides, slip jigs, polkas, reels, hornpipes, set dances and airs) particularly suited for the fiddle, but equally suitable for most other instruments. Songs include: "Father O'Flynn," "The Lucky Penny," "Dan O'Keeffe's Slide," "The Blue Ribbon," "The Pigeon on the Gate," "Master Crowley," "Fallon's Hornpipe," "The Blackbird," more. Contains tunes previously published in "The Irish Fiddle Book" (09-70). 50 of the tunes are played on the included CD; 30 tunes are on the "Give It Shtick" CD (01-890006). 46 pp


A Raibh Tu Ag An Gcarraig \r\n \r\n
All Hands Around \r\n \r\n
An Buachaill Caol Dubh \r\n \r\n
Andy Mcgann's Reel \r\n \r\n
Ballymanus Fair \r\n \r\n
Brennan's Favourite \r\n \r\n
Connie O'Connell's Jig \r\n \r\n
Cross The Fence \r\n \r\n
Dan Coakley's Polka \r\n \r\n
Danny Ab's Slide \r\n \r\n
Din Tarrant's Polka (1) \r\n \r\n
Din Tarrant's Polka (2) \r\n \r\n
Dinny O'Brien's \r\n \r\n
Eileen O'Callagahan's Reel \r\n \r\n
Fallon's Hornpipe \r\n \r\n
Far From Home \r\n \r\n
Farewell To Whiskey \r\n \r\n
Father Dollard's Hornpipe \r\n \r\n
Father Of O'flynn \r\n \r\n
Hardiman The Fiddler \r\n \r\n
Higgin's Hornpipe \r\n \r\n
Jenny's Welcome To Charlie \r\n \r\n
Johnny Murphy's Slide \r\n \r\n
Lord Gordon \r\n \r\n
Madam Bonaparte \r\n \r\n
Master Crowley \r\n \r\n
Matt Teehan's Polka \r\n \r\n
Maurice Manley's Polka \r\n \r\n
Mich Duggan's Polka (1) \r\n \r\n
Mich Duggan's Polka (2) \r\n \r\n
Mich Duggan's Polka (3) \r\n \r\n
Michael Murphy's Slide \r\n \r\n
Munster Buttermilk \r\n \r\n
Na Connerys \r\n \r\n
Nell O'Sullivan's Slide \r\n \r\n
O'Dowd's Favourite \r\n \r\n
Paddy Ryan's Dream \r\n \r\n
Padraig O'Keeffe's Polka \r\n \r\n
Padraig O'Keeffe's Slide \r\n \r\n
Petticoat Loose \r\n \r\n
Plearaca Na Ruarcach \r\n \r\n
Port And Deorai \r\n \r\n
Pretty Maggie Morrissey \r\n \r\n
Rattigan's Reel \r\n \r\n
Saint Patrick's Day \r\n \r\n
Sean Reid's Reel \r\n \r\n
Taimse Im Choladh \r\n \r\n
Tell Her I Am \r\n \r\n
The Ballydesmond Polka \r\n \r\n
The Banks Of Lough Gowna \r\n \r\n
The Bantry Lasses \r\n \r\n
The Blackbird \r\n \r\n
The Blue Ribbon \r\n \r\n
The Boys Of Ballysodare \r\n \r\n
The Boys Of Malin \r\n \r\n
The Broken Pledge \r\n \r\n
The Bunch Of Keys \r\n \r\n
The Cappamore Polka \r\n \r\n
The Congress \r\n \r\n
The Crib Of Perches \r\n \r\n
The Cuil Aodha Slide \r\n \r\n
The Dingle Regatta \r\n \r\n
The Eavesdropper \r\n \r\n
The Foxhunter's Jig \r\n \r\n
The Frost Is All Over \r\n \r\n
The Galway Hornpipe \r\n \r\n
The Geese In The Bog \r\n \r\n
The Gleanntan Slide \r\n \r\n
The Gullane Jig \r\n \r\n
The High Road To Linton \r\n \r\n
The Humours Of Lisheen \r\n \r\n
The Humours Of Scariff \r\n \r\n
The Irish Giant \r\n \r\n
The Job Of Journeywork \r\n \r\n
The Killavil Reel \r\n \r\n
The Knocknaboul Polka (1) \r\n \r\n
The Knocknaboul Polka (2) \r\n \r\n
The Lucky Penny \r\n \r\n
The Maid Behind The Bar \r\n \r\n
The Merry Old Woman \r\n \r\n
The Monsignor's Blessing \r\n \r\n
The New Policeman \r\n \r\n
The New Roundabout \r\n \r\n
The Pigeon On The Gate \r\n \r\n
The Price Of My Pig \r\n \r\n
The Providence Reel \r\n \r\n
The Roscommon Reel \r\n \r\n
The Sligo Maid \r\n \r\n
The Sporting Pitchfork \r\n \r\n
The Stack Of Wheat \r\n \r\n
The Toormore Slide \r\n \r\n
The Tullagh Reel \r\n \r\n
The Volunteer \r\n \r\n
The Wild Irishman \r\n \r\n
The Wise Maid \r\n \r\n
Tripping Up The Stairs \r\n \r\n
Up And About In The Morning \r\n \r\n
Walsh's Hornpipe \r\n \r\n
Willie Coleman's Jig \r\n \r\n \r\n \r\n \r\n

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