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The Gold Ring - Willie Clancy


The Gold Ring - Willie Clancy

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Clancy, Willie
\r\n\r\nThe Gold Ring- Willie Clancy
\r\n 2CD[RTE276CD]
\r\n\r\n \r\n \r\n \r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n

The tracks on this two CD set were selected by RT� radio presenter and producer Peter Browne and come from the RT� Libraries and Archives as well as number of other organisations and private collectors. This double CD is a most comprehensive collection of Willie Clancy's piping from a period of over twenty years. It brings together recordings from many different places, times and sources and provides the opportunity to hear over two and a half hours of his playing.\r\n\r\n \r\n

1 Jigs: Down the Back Lane, Sergeant Early's 2.42\r\n
2 Reels: An Bhean Tinc�ara,\r\nThe Ravelled Hank of Yarn 2.29\r\n
3 Air: The Bold Trainer O 2.54\r\n
4 Reels: The Connaught Heifers, Corney is Coming 2.32\r\n
5 Jig: The Frieze Britches 2.51\r\n
6 Reels: The Steampacket, Rakish Paddy 3.06\r\n
7 Air: The Trip over the Mountain 2.33\r\n
8 Hornpipes: The Faithful Friend,\r\nThe Plains of Boyle 3.16\r\n
9 Single Jig and Slip Jig: Fraher's, An Phis Fhliuch 3.34\r\n
10 Air: Dark Lochnagar 3.20\r\n
11 Reels: Jenny Picking Cockles,\r\nMy Love is in America 3.29\r\n
12 Fling: Kitty Got a Clinking Coming from the Fair 1.25\r\n
13 Slip Jigs: Give Us a Drink of Water, Hardiman the\r\nFiddler, Will You Come Down to Limerick? 4.00\r\n
14 Double Jig: The Rolling Wave 1.41\r\n
15 Jig: An Ghaoth Aniar Aneas 1.08\r\n
16 Mazurka: Garret Barry's 1.55\r\n
17 Reel: The Old Bush 1.16\r\n
18 Air: The Rocks of Bawn 1.58\r\n
19 Reels: The West Wind, Se�n Reid's Fancy 2.10\r\n
20 Jig: P�id�n � Raifeartaigh 2.21\r\n
21 Air: Ar �irinn N� Neosfainn C� h� 2.16\r\n
22 Hornpipe: Harvest Home 1.25\r\n
23 Air: Casadh an tS�g�in 2.25\r\n
24 Single Jig: Title unknown � No. 70 in DMWC 0.56\r\n
25 Air: The Little Red Lark 2.26\r\n
26 Jig: I Buried my Wife and Danced on Top of Her 1.36\r\n
27 Reel: The Milliner's Daughter 1.20\r\n
28 Fling: The Fowler on the Moor 1.07\r\n
29 Jig: A Chailleach, do Mharais M� 1.38\r\n
30 Set Dance: Se�n � Duibhir a� Ghleanna 1.58\r\n
31 Fling: Caisle�n Dh�n Guaire 1.09\r\n
32 Set Dance: Mount Phoebus Hunt 2.05\r\n
33 Air: Sliabh na mBan 3.07\r\n
34 Air: R�is�n Dubh 2.13\r\n\r\n

1 Jigs: Garret Barry's, Old Tipperary, The Lark in the Corn 3.50\r\n
2 Reels: Garret Barry's, Kitty Gone A-Milking 3.45\r\n
3 Hornpipe: The Groves 3.40\r\n
4 Jig: The Gold Ring 3.46\r\n
5 Reel: The Colliers 1.34\r\n
6 Air and Hornpipe:\r\nAnnie Dear, The High Level 3.34\r\n
7 Hornpipe: The Plains of Boyle 1.30\r\n
8 Air: An Buachaill Caol Dubh 2.41\r\n
9 Jig: Tatter Jack Walsh 1.07\r\n
10 Reel: Rakish Paddy 2.35\r\n
11 Jigs: Coppers and Brass,\r\nThe Humours of Ennistymon 3.12\r\n
12 Reel: Jenny's Welcome to\r\nCharlie 1.57\r\n
13 Air: 's� F�th mo Bhuartha 2.48\r\n
14 Air: The Dear Irish Boy 3.48\r\n
15 Air: My Lagan Love 2.42\r\n
16 Air: An Ch�ilfhionn 2.39\r\n
17 Reel: The Bucks of Oranmore 1.55\r\n
18 Reel: The Bunch of Keys 2.14\r\n
19 Reels: The Green Gates, The Satin Slipper,\r\nThe London Lasses 2.40\r\n
20 Jig: N�ra Chr�onna 1.08\r\n
21 Reel: Patsy Touhey's 1.46\r\n
22 Jigs: The Gander in the Pratie Hole, B�m's ag �l 2.08\r\n
23 Air: The Bonny Bunch of Roses 2.27\r\n
24 Air and Reel: Purty Molly Brallaghan,\r\nThe Green Fields of America 3.43\r\n
25 Air: The Bright Lady 1.34\r\n
26 Hornpipe: Chief O'Neill's 1.34\r\n
27 Jig: The Yellow Wattle 1.37\r\n
28 Fling: Easter Snow 1.38\r\n
29 Jig: The Humours of Ballyloughlin 2.14\r\n
30 Jig: Banish Misfortune 2.30\r\n
31 Air: An P�ist�n Fionn 2.43\r\n

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