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Unheard - Eddie Clarke


Unheard - Eddie Clarke

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Clarke, Eddie
\r\nUnheard - Eddie Clarke

\r\n\r\n \r\n\r\nA beautiful 4CD collection of harmonica music with a large booklet.\r\n\r\n

�Eddie Clarke Unheard� is the result of a four year journey to uncover rare and unheard recordings of the music and song of Eddie Clarke.\r\n

A Dublin resident originally from Virginia, County Cavan, Clarke pioneered the system of playing a C Hohner Chromonica from the higher-pitched reed C sharp reed plate, which allowed him to use the instrument's slide to play snappy triplet ornaments. On his recordings Eddie generally played in second position and held the slide in with his thumb, releasing it briefly for the triplets. So he's most often playing in G# or related modal scales on a C harmonica. In his duets with Clare fiddler Joe Ryan, he matched Ryan's style so closely that it's hard to separate the sound of the two instruments.\r\n

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