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The Kylemore Pass - Mattie & Deirdre Connolly


The Kylemore Pass - Mattie & Deirdre Connolly

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Connolly, Mattie & Deirdre
The Kylemore Pass - Mattie & Deirdre Connolly\r\n\r\n

Traditional Irish Music from this Father & Daughter. Deirdre is a former Cherish the Ladies singer and flute player joining with her Dad who sings and plays Uilleann Pipes for their first CD together.\r\n

Mattie Connolly: Uilleann Pipes, Vocals, Guitar\r\n
Deirdre Connolly: Flute, Whistles, Bodhran, Vocals\r\n
Donal Clancy: Guitars\r\n
John Walsh: Guitars\r\n
Joanie Madden: Flute, Whistle\r\n
Kathleen Boyle: Piano, Piano Accordion\r\n
Matthew Connolly: Fiddle\r\n\r\n\r\n

1. Jack Coen's/An Ghaoth Aniar Aneas (the Southwest Wind) 2:16 \r\n
2. The Leitrim Fancy/The Fairy Hornpipe 3:11 \r\n
3. The Month Of January 4:02 \r\n
4. Molly's Advice/Wards 2:53 \r\n
5. Mcdermott's/The The Congress 2:29 \r\n
6. The Green Fields Of Canada 4:44 \r\n
7. The Old Man/The Humours Of Lisheen 2:22 \r\n
8. The Quarrelsome Piper/The Dublin Railway 3:06 \r\n
9. The Rolling Stone Gathers No Moss 1:58 \r\n
10. Grandma's Song 3:52 \r\n
11. Hardiman The Fiddler/Drops Of Brandy 2:08 \r\n
12. Cup Of Tea/Bean Si 3:20 \r\n
13. The Kylemore Pass 3:31 \r\n
14. Taimse Im Chodladh 3:18 \r\n
15. Galtee Reel/Sean Reid's 2:16 \r\n

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