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The Fiddler's Choice - Eileen O'Brien & Friends


The Fiddler's Choice - Eileen O'Brien & Friends

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O'Brien, Eileen
The Fiddler's Choice - Eileen O'Brien & Friends\r\n
In Aid of Nenagh Hospital\r\n
EOBCD 001\r\n\r\n\r\n

Accordionists: Joe Burke, Anne Conroy-Burke, Jimmy McGreevy, Michael Searson\r\nLar Gavin, Donnchadh O'Brien \r\n
Pianists: Dr. Micheal 'suilleabhain, Geraldine Cotter, Dr. Charlie Lennon,\r\nDeirdre McSherry, Jennifer Minogue \r\n
Flautists: Niall Keegan, Deirdre McSherry \r\n
Banjo: Gerry "Banjo" O'Connor, Brian Morrissey\r\n
Bodhran: Brian Morrissey, Patrick McHugh \r\n
Singers: Nora Butler, Deirdre Scanlan, Michael Scanlan\r\n
Dancer/Choreographer: Patrick McHugh\r\n\r\n

1. Dinny O'Brien's + Tumble the Tinker (jigs)\r\n
Paddy O'Brien (accordion), Eileen O'Brien (fiddle), Charlie Lennon (piano)\r\n
2. Paddy Fahy's Reels \r\n
Eileen O'Brien (fiddle), Deirdre McSherry (flute), Jennifer Minogue (piano), Michael Searson (accordion)\r\n
3. Mountains of Mourners (song)\r\n
Michael Scanlan (vocal), Eileen O'Brien (fiddle), Eileen O'Brien (fiddle), Deirdre McSherry (flute/piano), Michael Searson (accordion) P. McHugh (bodhran) \r\n
4.Shanahan's Hornpipe + McElliott's Fancy\r\n
Lar Gavin (accordion), Eileen O'Brien (fiddle), Deirdre McSherry (piano)\r\n
5. The Lark on the Strand + The Pipe on the Hob (jigs)\r\n
Eileen O'Brien (fiddle), Donnchadh O'Brien (accordion), Joe Burke (accordion), Deirdre McSherry (piano) \r\n
6. The Silvermines Mountains + Keeper Hill (air + set dance)\r\n
Eileen O'Brien (fiddle), Geraldine Cotter (piano), Patrick McHugh (dancer)\r\n
7. The Golden Keyboard + The Boys of Portaferry (reels)\r\n
Jimmy McGreevy (accordeon), Eileen O'Brien (fiddle), Deirdre McSherry (flute) \r\n
8. Up & About in the Morning + The Smiling Bride + The Handsome Young Miadens (jigs)\r\n
Eileen O'Brien (fiddle), Deirdre McSherry (piano) \r\n
9. The Mall of Lismore (song)\r\n
Nora Butler (vocal), Eileen O'Brien (fiddle), Deirdre McSherry (piano)\r\n
10. Paddy Fahy's + The Fiddler's Choice + Humours of Moanfin (hp + reels)\r\n
Eileen O'Brien (fiddle), Deirdre McSherry (flute), Geraldine Cotter (piano) \r\n
11. The Traveller + Dinny O'Brien's + Miss Thornton (reels) \r\n
Gerry "banjo" O'Connor (banjo), Eileen O'Brien (fiddle), Deirdre McSherry (piano)\r\n
12. Sliabh na mBan + Garrett Barry's (air + jig)\r\n
Dr. Miche�l � S�illeabh�in (piano), Eileen O'Brien (fiddle), Nial Keegan (flute), Brian Morrison (bodhran & banjo)\r\n
13. Down the Hill + The Lane to the Glen\r\n
Anne Conroy-Burke (accordion), Eileen O'Brien (fiddle), Deirdre McSherry (flute & piano)\r\n14. The Dapper's Delight\r\n
Paddy O'Brien (accordion), Eileen O'Brien (fiddle), Jennifer Minogue (piano)\r\n
15. Eil� Gheal Chi�in Ni Chearbhaill\r\n
Deirdre Scanlan (vocal), Eileen O'Brien (fiddle), Deirdre McSherry (piano)\r\n
16. N�ra Croina + The Shaskeen + The Bag of Spuds\r\n
Joe Burke (accordion), Eileen O'Brien (fiddle), Charlie Lennon (piano)\r\n
17. The Corner House + Music in the Glen\r\n
Paddy O'Brien (accordion), Eileen O'Brien (fiddle), Charlie Lennon (piano)\r\n\r\n

"In September 2005 I began my course of study for M.A. Irish Traditional Music Performance at the Irish World Music Academy of Music and Dance, University of Limerick. One element of the course was to undertake a recording project. My musical journey led me to the production of this album. My musical friends rallied around me and gave of their time and talent with a generosity that knew no bounds. I will forever be in their debt for sharing their musical brilliance, knowledge and experience with me and for their encouragement and constructive attitude towards the project. I hope that our combined musical performances will give pleasure to all who listen to the album and that "The Fiddler's Choice" will have a positive impact on the promotion of the wonderful work undertaken by the "Nenagh Hospital Action Group". Eileen O'Brien 2006\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n

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