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Girsa - GIRSA

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\r\nIrish Traditional Music
\r\nCD 2009\r\n

Girsa is an all-female traditional Irish band that hails from Pearl River, NY. Their name means "young girls" in Gaelic. The girls grew up in the Irish tradition, dancing and playing music for as long as they can remember. After playing with each other for years, the girls formed a band and have not looked back since. Recently, GIRSA released its debut self-titled CD, featured 16 tracks steeped in Irish tradition and reflecting the many talents of the group members. Sixteen-year-old Emily McShane features on lead vocals, piano and bodhran while her sister, Kristen (19) plays fiddle and caixixi. The remaining band members appear on the CD as follows: Deirdre Brennan (fiddle/vocals/mandolin), Margaret Dudasik (fiddle/vocals/dancing), Bernadette Flanagan (piano/bodhran /dancing), Maeve Flanagan (fiddle/whistle/darbuka), Pamela Geraghty (accordion/guitar/vocals/cajon) and Blaithin Loughran (accordion/cajon).\r\n\r\n\r\n

1. Immigrant Eyes\r\n\r\n
2. St. Patrick's Night/The Ashplant\r\n\r\n
3. I Courted A Wee Girl\r\n\r\n
4. Eleanor Plunkett/Polkas\r\n\r\n
5. Rhythm of My Heart\r\n\r\n
6. Farethee Well Lovely Mary\r\n\r\n
7. The Swedish Jig\r\n\r\n
8. Mary and the Soldier\r\n\r\n
9. Lads of Laois/First Month of Summer\r\n\r\n
10. I Live Not Where I Love\r\n\r\n
11. Paddy Ryan's Dream/Blue Britches/Gan Ainm\r\n\r\n
12. This Story I Tell You Is True\r\n\r\n
13. The Box Set (reels)\r\n\r\n
14. The Home I Left Behind\r\n\r\n
15. Slow Air/The Longford Tinker\r\n\r\n
16. Ian's Return to Ireland/ Caul Aodha\r\n

From GIRSA'a website:\r\n

"We have all known each other since we were very young, growing up participating in Irish music and dance in our community of Pearl River, NY. Most of us come from musical families, with our parents having learned Irish traditional music from such greats as Martin Mulvihill, Maureen Glynn Connelly, and Pete Kelly. Some of our parents and their lifelong friends carry on this great tradition by teaching music in the community. We loved playing together so much that we started our own band just over 4 years ago and called it Girsa, which means �young girls� in Gaelic. We�ve been having tons of fun ever since.\r\n\r\n

Our Teachers:\r\n
Rose (Conway) Flanagan\r\n\r\n
Patty (Conway) Furlong\r\n\r\n
Margie Mulvihill\r\n\r\n
Annmarie Acosta\r\n\r\n
Eileen Goodman\r\n\r\n
Mary Coogan\r\n\r\n
Frankie McCormick "\r\n

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