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Kitty's Rambles - Finbar Dwyer


Kitty's Rambles - Finbar Dwyer

$ 18.00
Dwyer, Finbar
\r\nKitty's Rambles - Finbarr Dwyer

A great CD from one of Ireland's premier accordian players. Finbar is one of the famous Dwyer brothers from West Cork. As well as being a great accordian player he is also well known as a modern composer of new Irish traditional tunes. \r\n

The Pigeon On the Gate / Gillespie's Reel \r\n \r\n
Hil 60 / The Spring Well \r\n \r\n
The Pipe on the Hob / Kitty's Rambles \r\n \r\n
West the Hill / The Druid's Field \r\n \r\n
The Friar's Breeches \r\n \r\n
Banish Misfortune / An t-Athair Jack Walsh \r\n \r\n
Trim the Velvet / Berehaven \r\n \r\n
The Groves of Slaney / The Iron Gate \r\n \r\n
Paddy Ryan's Dream / Farewell to Caliroe \r\n \r\n
Finbar Dwyer's No. 2 / The Meadow \r\n \r\n
The Concert Flute / Upstairs In A Tent \r\n \r\n
The Donegal Reel \r\n \r\n
John Dwyer's Jig / Paddy Taylor's Jig \r\n

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