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Pictures In Time - Matt and Orlaith Keane


Pictures In Time - Matt and Orlaith Keane

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Keane, Matt & Orla

Matt's natural, easy going voice on his chosen songs make for a beautiful blend. One step away from country music but that's what keeps it interesting.\r\nDaughter Orlaith joins in with songs of her own choice, and follows this family trait of singing good songs naturally.\r\nThis one deserves success. Have a listen.\r\n\r\n\r\n

Matt & Orlaith Keane - Vocals.\r\n
Peter Gannon - Piano, Accordion & B/vocals.\r\n
Sean Regan - Fiddle, Viola, Mandola & Mandolin.\r\n
Pay Coyne - Guitars.\r\n
Jay Langford & Mike Stewart - Bass.\r\n
Maria Fahy - Violin.\r\n
Paddy Higgins - Drums.

1. The Moon On Clancy's Wings\r\n
2. Somebody Special\r\n
3. I Wish It Would Rain\r\n
4. Hearts In Armour\r\n
5. Souvenirs\r\n
6. Claddagh Walk\r\n
7. Candelight And Wine\r\n
8. I Believe In Love\r\n
9. Hello In There\r\n
10. Both Sides The Tweed\r\n
11. The Lucky One\r\n
12. Leaving The Land\r\n
13. The Picture\r\n
14. Farewell, Farewell\r\n
15. The Lovely Green Woodlands Of Ower\r\n\r\n\r\n

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