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Dublin Made Me - Liam O'Connor & Sean McKeon


Dublin Made Me - Liam O'Connor & Sean McKeon

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O'Connor, Liam & Sean McKeon - Dublin Made Me
\r\nTraditional Irish Music on Uilleann Pipes & Fiddle
\r\n\r\nNPUCD017 2009
\r\n \r\n\r\n

O�Connor and McKeon, both previous recipients of the prestigious TG4 Young Musician of the Year award, began performing together four years ago and have since set the traditional music world alight with their powerful and dynamic performances.\r\n
While each exhibits total mastery of his craft, it is the sympathetic understanding of each other's playing which sets this remarkable duet apart. With fiddle prompting pipes and pipes driving fiddle, the result is an exuberant celebration of traditional Irish music in its most innovative form. \r\n
Representing two of the capital's best known musical families, Se�n and Liam's approach to this recording displays a deeply informed understanding of both source and technique. They display an intuitive grasp that is deeply respectful of the music and also of the people from whom they learned. The result is traditional music that challenges, stimulates and excites the listener.\r\n
Echoes of the great masters of Irish music abound but never overpower the sound of this new generation � their playing is original in its masterful delivery and scope, and is a testament, in particular, to the distinctive tradition of music in Dublin which has inspired both.\r\n

1. The Races of Ballyhouley .(March) \r\n
2. The Leitrim Thrush / John Dwyer's .(Reels) \r\n
3. The Pipe on the Hob / An Buachaill�n Bu� .(Jigs) \r\n
4. T�imse i m'Chodladh is n� D�istear m� .(Air) \r\n
5. Mrs. Galvin's / Billy Connor's .(Reels) \r\n
6. The Maid on the Green / The Humours of Glin / Paddy Killoran's .(Jigs) \r\n
7. The Kerry Jig .(Single Jig) \r\n
8. The Ladies' Bonnet / The Pinch of Snuff .Reels \r\n
9. Murphy's / The Kilfenora Reel .(Reels) \r\n
10. The Drunken Gauger / Trim the Velvet / The Sweet Briar (Jigs) \r\n
11. The Knotted Cord / The Stony Steps .(Reels) \r\n
12. The Hunt / An S�is�n B�n (Set Dances) \r\n
13. The Duke of Leinster (Reel) \r\n
14. Ancient Irish WarMarch (March) \r\n
15. Paddy Killoran's / The Merry Harriers (Reels) \r\n \r\n \r\n \r\n\r\n\r\n

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