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Crossroads - Cathal Hayden, M. O Connor & S. O Dowd


Crossroads - Cathal Hayden, M. O Connor & S. O Dowd

$ 22.00
Hayden,Cathal, Mairtin O'Connor & Seamie O'Dowd - Crossroads \r\n\r\n
With: M�irt�n O'Connor (Accordion),
Cathal Hayden, (Fiddle, Banjo and Viola), \r\n
Seamie O'Dowd (Guitar, Vocals, Bass, Mandolin and Cabasa), \r\n
Jimmy Higgins (Bodhr�n, Snare Drum [Tracks]), \r\n
Thomas O'Connor (Guitar [The Road Together]), \r\n
Sinead O'Connor (Fiddle [The Road Together]), \r\n
Ciara O'Connor (Cello [The Road Together]), \r\n
Cathy Jordan (Vocals [The Cedars of Lebanon]), \r\n
Rick Epping (Vocals [The Cedars of Lebanon]), \r\n
Brian Mc Grath (Piano [The Cooley Set]), \r\n
Cathal Sinnott (Keyboards [The Cooley Set]). \r\n\r\n \r\n\r\n\r\n

\r\n \r\n1. The Boys Of Coonamore, \r\nTongs By The Fire, \r\nThe Hunter's House, \r\nThe Rose In The Garden \r\n
2. Catwalk \r\n
3. My Minde Will Never Be Easy, \r\nThe Doohoma Slip, \r\nFast Boat To Kowloon, \r\n
4. Cedars Of Lebanon, \r\nPat's, \r\nBegley's Frolick's \r\n
5. Dance Of Life \r\n
6. Flowers In The Wind \r\n
7. The Geantrai Set \r\n
8. The Liverpool, \r\nJohn Mosai Mc Ginley's, \r\nEsther's \r\n
9. The Arrival Of The Queen Of Sheeba, \r\nFarrell O'Gara, \r\nThe Galway Rambler, \r\nTim Dillon's, \r\nCome West Along The Road, \r\nThe Glass Of Beer \r\n
11. The Road Together \r\n
12. Barley And Grape Rag \r\n
13. The Humours Of Tulla, \r\nLast Night's Fun ,\r\nCooley's, \r\nThe Wise Maid \r\n
14. As I Roved Out \r\n \r\n \r\n\r\n

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