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Sharon Shannon - Best Of - The Galway Girl


Sharon Shannon - Best Of - The Galway Girl

$ 18.00
Shannon, Sharon - Best Of - The Galway Girl
\r\nDLCD028 CD Song

This mid-price compilation is a collection of Sharon Shannon's finest tracks. \r\n\r\n
Includes 2 versions of the popular 'The Galway Girl'\r\n\r\n
Features 13 Tracks\r\n
1 The Galway Girl with Steve Earle \r\n
2 Blackbird \r\n
3 What You Make It da,da,da,da with Marvel & Lady K \r\n
4 Gaffo's Ball \r\n
5 COURTING IN THE kITCHEN - Dessie O' Halloran \r\n
6 I�ve No Alibi with Damien Dempsey live \r\n
7 Tune For A Found Harmonium \r\n
8 A Man Of Constant Sorrow with Jackson Browne \r\n
9 Neckbelly \r\n
10 A Song Of The Rosy Cross with Mike Scott \r\n
11 Libertango with Kirsty MacColl \r\n
12 Bag Of Cats \r\n
13 The Galway Girl with Mundy

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