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The Big Ship Sails - Kathy Ludlow & Mary Coogan


The Big Ship Sails - Kathy Ludlow & Mary Coogan

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Ludlow, Kathy & Mary Coogan - The Big Ship Sails
\r\nCD 2008
Kathy (vocals, bodhran, violin) and Mary, (banjo, guitar, mandolin) meld their incomparable teaching and performance skills together with their love of traditional music to create a unique and fun-filled recording for children of all ages. They are joined by a host of friends and family, including some of the world's finest traditional musicians. The playing of Jim Coogan, (accordion), Joanie Madden, (flute, whistles) Brendan Dolan, (flute, bass, big bass drum) Tacey Deyrup, (concertina, uilleann pipes) Jean Lewis, (hammered dulcimer) and the Clap Clap Percussion Ensemble create a traditional music experience not to be missed!\r\n

Kathleen Ludlow was born in County Meath, Ireland, and also lived in England before immigrating to the United States. As a child, she was influenced greatly by the singing of her mother and grandmother, while the storytelling of her father Paddy Ludlow, kept her immersed in traditional stories and verse.\r\n
Kathy is joined by Mary Coogan, founding member of Irish super group Cherish the Ladies. An experienced elementary school teacher, multi-instrumentalist Mary is named in Whose Who Among American Teachers, and has performed and recorded throughout the world with Cherish the Ladies and other noted artists.\r\n\r\n

1 The Big Ship Sails\r\n
2 We Can Play on the Big Bass Drum\r\n
3 I Saw a Ship a Sailing\r\n
4 Five Little Ducks\r\n
5 Fair Rosa\r\n
6 Trip Trip My Little Horse\r\n
7 Girls and Boys Come Out to Play\r\n
8 Peter Piper\r\n
9 I Had a Little Nut Tree\r\n
10 Sing a Song of Sixpence\r\n
11 Good Morning Mrs Hen/ Irish Polkas\r\n
12 I Had a Yellow Balloon\r\n
13 There Was a Crooked Man\r\n
14 First Comes a Butterfly\r\n
15 Dr. Foster Went to Gloucester\r\n
16 Sweet Betsy from Pike\r\n
17 Mary Mary Quite Contrary\r\n
18 Here We Go Round the Mulberry Bush\r\n
19 The Fox and the Goose\r\n
20 One Two Buckle My Shoe\r\n
21 Put Your Finger in the Air\r\n
22 The Goops23 Green Gravel\r\n
24 Be Kind and Tender to the Frog\r\n
25 Mr. Frog Went a Courting\r\n
26 Hot Cross Buns\r\n
27 One Two Three Mother Caught a Flea\r\n
28 Peas Pudding Hot\r\n
29 Woman From Ardee\r\n
30 If All the World were Paper\r\n
31 O Susanna32 Cobbler Cobbler\r\n
33 Run Rabbit Run\r\n
34 There Was an Old Man with a Beard\r\n
35 Bobby Shafto/ The Hopscotch Polka\r\n
36 Little Miss Muffit\r\n
37 On the Mountain\r\n
38 Tom the Piper/ Irish Reels

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