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Heartstring Sessions - Arty McGlynn, Nollaig Casey, Newman & Ni Chathasaigh


Heartstring Sessions - Arty McGlynn, Nollaig Casey, Newman & Ni Chathasaigh

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McGlynn, Arty, Nollaig Casey, Chris Newman & Maire Ni Chathasaigh - Heartstring Sessions
\r\nOBMCD18 2008

Wild Goose Chase \r\n
Tom Cronin's Homework \r\n
Song of the Harp \r\n
Jigs: I ne'er shall Wean Her/ The Priest in his Boots/ T�mas � Canainn's \r\n
Among the Heather \r\n
Sir Patrick Bellews March/ An Cail�n Rua Gaelach (The Red-haired Irish Girl) \r\n
Saturday Night Shuffle \r\n
Lament for Limerick/ Thomond Bridge \r\n
The Yellow Barber/ Gold Rush \r\n
A Mh�ire Bh�n �g (Fair Young Mary) \r\n
The Shooting Star \r\n
Reminiscing \r\n
El Vals Argentino \r\n
Reels: The Old Bush/ Spike Island Lassies/ The Crooked Road \r\n \r\n

Musicians Arty McGlynn - acoustic and electric guitars \r\n
Chris Newman - acoustic guitar, mandolin, fretted and fretless bass \r\n
Nollaig Casey - vocals, fiddle, viola and tin whistle \r\n
M�ire N� Chathasaigh - Irish harp \r\n

This album is an eclectic mix of music they love, from powerhouse Irish dance-music, gorgeous airs, old songs with a contemporary twist and striking new compositions - to bluegrass and ragtime rockabilly! It was put together as the fancy took them: sophisticated, complex arrangements are interspersed with down-home tracks recorded live. Chris's sizzling guitar improvisations, Arty's rhythmic genius, Nollaig's heart-melting lyricism and M�ire's plangent power have created a warm musical world where each shining individual is showcased and supported by the others. Tracks run the whole gamut of moods from poignant and heartfelt to effervescent and joyful, finishing with the celebratory 'session� at the end!

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