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Outside The Box - Billy McComiskey


Outside The Box - Billy McComiskey

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McComiskey, Billy - Outside The Box
\r\nCD Compass 4488

"Billy McComiskey is the finest and most influential B/C box player ever to emerge from the US. In that sense, Billy's place within the transatlantic pantheon of Irish button accordionists is both high and secure, and Outside The Box will only strengthen that judgment." - Earle Hitchner, The Wall Street Journal / Irish Echo - Earle Hitchner (Wall Street Journal, Irish Echo) \r\n\r\n

Billy McComiskey is a highly regarded player and composer of Irish traditional music. A Brooklyn native, in his early teens he started studying accordion with the late Sean McGlynn from Galway. He won the All-Ireland Senior title in 1986. He formed and played with two legendary trios: Washington DC's Irish Tradition and the internationally acclaimed Trian. He is known on both sides of the Atlantic as an indefatigable session player, teacher, and promulgator of the music. On Outside the Box, Billy's first solo CD in almost 25 years, the listener is once again reminded why Billy is known as �the most accomplished B/C box player to emerge from Irish America�. \r\n\r\n

Featuring: Matthew Bell, Myron Bretholz, Liz Carroll, Brendan Dolan, John Doyle, Joanie Madden, Sean McComiskey, Mick Moloney, and Athena Tergis, \r\n\r\n
Produced by John Doyle\r\n\r\n

1) Keogh's/Maggie Lynn's \r\n
2) Sean McGlynn's/Maura McGlynn's/ Connie Scanlon (JIGS) \r\n
3) The Rainy Day/The Man of the House (Reels) \r\n
4) The Diamond/Sleepless Nights (Waltzes) \r\n
5) Grainne's Grace (LULLABY) \r\n
6) The Humours of Bandon/Farewell to Old Decency/Ormond Sound (SET DANCE/REELS) \r\n
7) The Ballinakill/The Broken Bridge (HORNPIPES) \r\n
8) The Collier's/Miss Thornton's/The Concert (REELS) \r\n
9) Nora Sweeney/Elizabeth Cullen (JIGS) \r\n
10) The Way to Shercock/Nell Davy's (REELS) \r\n
11) Planxty Thomas Burke/Lady Gethin (O'CAROLAN TUNES) \r\n
12) The Grey Fox (REEL) \r\n
13) Frances Keegan/The Ring Finger/The Maid I ne'er Forgot (REELS) \r\n

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