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Learn To Play Irish Fiddle - Philip John Berthoud


Learn To Play Irish Fiddle - Philip John Berthoud

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Berthoud, Philip John\r\nLearn To Play Irish Fiddle - P. J. Berthoud
\r\nProduct Number: 20555BCD
\r\nFormat: Book/2-CD Set Mel Bay Publications, Inc.
\r\n2/22/2008 Beginning-Intermediate
\r\n\r\n \r\n

Learn to Play Irish Fiddle is a book and two CD set that introduces the absolute beginner to the great traditional fiddle music of Ireland, going right from the basics of how to hold and make the first sounds on the instrument - through specially composed, manageable tunes in the Irish style - right up to playing traditional reels, jigs and other dance tunes from the traditional repertoire (the specially composed tunes bridge the gap between the basics and the traditional music). Embellishments and techniques that make good Irish fiddle playing so infectious, such as rolls, cuts, triplets and slides are gradually introduced. The student will also become familiar with some of the more advanced ideas concerning playing Irish traditional music such as variations and dynamics - subjects which are covered in greater detail in �Irish Fiddle Playing: A Guide for the Serious Player� book/CD sets by the same author. Useful appendices and a cross-referenced glossary are also included.\r\n\r\n

The accompanying CDs contain all the tunes in the book (played at a slow tempo) plus many exercises.\r\n\r\n

There is NO NEED FOR ANY PRIOR MUSICAL KNOWLEDGE in order to use this book. Each aspect of playing and theory is covered in an accessible and manageable way.\r\n
Philip John Berthoud

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