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Ceol is Piob - Stephanie Makem & Tiarnan O Duinnchinn


Ceol is Piob - Stephanie Makem & Tiarnan O Duinnchinn

$ 20.00
O Duinnchinn, Tiarnan & Stephanie Makem - Ceol is Piob
\r\nThe new album by Tiarn�n � Duinnchinn and St�phanie Makem.\r\n

Lough Erne Shore \r\n
Errigal / Dandy Dinny Cronin \r\n
The Silver Slipper / The Glen Road to Carrick \r\n
�rchnoc Ch�in Mhic C�inte \r\n
Handel's Gigue for Keyboard in G \r\n
Aird� Cuain \r\n
Hughie Gillespie's / Sporting Paddy / Piper From �C�ideadh� or Bonny Bunch of Ferns \r\nThe Coolin \r\n
L�ontar d�inn an Cr�isc�n \r\n
Whinny Hills of Leitrim / Paidin O Rafferty / Miller's Maggot \r\n
Tommy Peoples� / Mac Cathal's / Buntata agus Sgad�n \r\n
I wish my love was a Red Red Rose \r\n
Anagaire / Teach Bhrighde \r\n
Ballroom Favourites \r\n

Guest musicians:\r\n\r\n
Steve Cooney (guitar, drums & bass)\r\n
Paul Meehan (guitar)\r\n
Feargal Murray (keyboard)\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n

'stephanie Makem's singing is beautiful, sweet and guileless yet packed with emotion and art. Listen to "�rchnoc Ch�in Mhic C�inte" for taste and subtlety.� \r\n
Brian Mullen, BBC \r\n

This is a wonderful CD by Tiarn�n � Duinnchinn and Stephanie Makem. Stephanie's voice perfectly complements the fiery, delicate, and perfectly coordinated bag, bellows, chanter, and regulators of Tiarn�n. Just listen to the B-flat set on "The Silver Slipper"-"Glen Road to Carrick." \r\n
Some officiates have suggested or attempted importing jazz, blues, rock, or whatever influences to "complement" the tradition. This living tradition has within itself the jazz of jazz, the blues of blues, the rock of rock, and much more. Who would add flour to an already perfectly baked loaf of bread or gild this lily of a CD? \r\nIs gl�rmhar an ceol seo. \r\n
Tommy Peoples \r\n\r\n

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