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The Red Wellies


The Red Wellies

$ 16.00
Red Wellies - The Red Wellies
Beanie Odell- Fiddle \r\n
Duncan Wickel- Fiddle and Uilleann pipes \r\n
Vincent Fogarty- Bouzouki \r\n

\r\nThe Red Wellies- A new CD of traditional Irish fiddles and Bouzouki, it that rarest of recordings that combines superb musicianship, great feeling, and a rock solid sense of rhythm and style. Fiddlers Beanie Odell and Duncan Wickel, and Bouzouki player Vincent Fogarty have made a wonderful debut CD that will be enjoyed by any fan of Irish music. They may not be known yet outside their mountain home in North Carolina, but their music is in a league with the very best of Irish traditional music. -Randal Bays

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