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Jimmy Keane & Pat Broaders - bohola


Jimmy Keane & Pat Broaders - bohola

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bohola - Jimmy Keane & Pat Broaders
\r\nBMCD 1000 2008 Bohola Music LLC

�Jimmy Keane & Pat Broaders� is the fifth release from the critically acclaimed Chicago based trad group bohola and marks a return to its origins as a duo. bohola continues its trademark tracks of mini-suites combining tunes and songs both traditional and newly written within the idiom. Some highlights of the recording are Tommy Sand's �The Bushes of Jerusalem, � the poignant newly extended version of �In the Month of January,� and two tunes written by Jimmy Keane for Dennis Cahill's late wife Gwen Sale: �Gweneen� and �Down the Doon.�\r\n

Irish American News / March 2009\r\n\r\n
Tradition in Review by Bill Margeson\r\n
Vocal/Instrumental Album of 2008\r\n \r\n
"Chicago's own hometown world champions. This album NEVER puts a foot wrong, and really showcases the two lads' magic at its best. Jimmy and Pat are such a vibrant, critical part of Chicago's preeminent position as the best city in the world for Irish music lovers. Their almost insane concert schedule proves the world agrees. These are two master musicians in their day and in their prime-and this album shows all that and more. Pat's vocals get better and better and better---and no one can now touch Jimmy on that magical accordion of his. These guys, right now, are alpha and omega. We love 'em!! WOW!!"\r\n

1 January Man/Down The Doon \r\n
2 The Bushes Of Jerusalem/Over By Midways/Across The Ocean/Mister McLeod/The Drunken Traveller/Rourke\r\n
3 Charladies Ball/Swiss Club Waltz/January 31st\r\n
4 Lament For Limerick/In The Month Of January/January's Lamentation\r\n
5 Ye Lovers All \r\n
6 Lowlands Lullaby/Fare Thee Well Old Ireland/Ballina Barndance/Westport\r\n
7 Tom Ashe/The Red Sun/Lark's Mountain/Blurty's Jig/The Lark In The mountain Breakdown\r\n
8 Bluehill/Lonesome Robin/George White's Favourite\r\n
9 Gweneen \r\n

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