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The Story So Far - Lunasa


The Story So Far - Lunasa

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Lunasa - The Story So Far
\r\nCD4475 Compass Records

Founding member Trevor Hutchison spent much of 2007 pouring over the band's body of work to select the tracks that best represent not only the energy, drive and fire that L�nasa is known for, but also the uniqueness of their compositions and arrangement style. Along the way, the band made a side trip to the Compass Sound Studio in Nashville to re-record �Aibreann� and �Morning Nightcap� as a way of illustrating the sound of the current lineup and in the process redefined these band favorites as classics of their repertoire. The end result is a mind-blowing showcase of arguably the greatest instrumental group ever to exist in Irish music. \r\n

�The Story So Far...� includes expansive liner notes on the band's history and an extensive photo journal of the past 11 years. Featured are current band members double bassist Trevor Hutchinson, piper Cillian Vallely, flutist Kevin Crawford, fiddler Sean Smyth, and guitarist Paul Meehan, as well as past members Donogh Hennessy (guitar), Michael McGoldrick (flute) and John McSherry (Uilleann pipes).\r\n\r\n
Track Listing\r\n
1) Morning Nightcap \r\n
2) Eanair \r\n
3) The Miller Of Drohan \r\n
4) Leckan Mor \r\n
5) Kilarney Boys of Pleasure \r\n
6) The Floating Crowbar \r\n
7) Black River \r\n
8) Fest Noz \r\n
9) Feabhra \r\n
10) Punch \r\n
11) Casu \r\n
12) Aibreann \r\n
13) Cregg's Pipes \r\n
14) The Dimmers \r\n
15) The Dingle Berries \r\n
16) O'Carolan's Welcome/ Rolling In The Barrel \r\n\r\n

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