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The Mist Covered Mountain - DeDanann


The Mist Covered Mountain - DeDanann

$ 18.00
deleted\r\n\r\nDe Danann - The Mist Covered Mountain
\r\nShanachie 79005 CD 1989

1. Mac's Fancy/The Mist Covered Mountain \r\n
2. Cameronian Reel/Doon Reel \r\n
3. Seamaisin \r\n
4. Mulvihill's Reel/The Dawn \r\n
5. The Banks Of The Nile \r\n
6. Johnny Leary's Polka/O'Keefe's Polka/Johnny I Do Miss You \r\n
7. Mister O'Connor \r\n
8. Henry Joy \r\n
9. The Cottage In The Grove/Sean Ryan's Reel\r\n
10. Maire Mhor \r\n
11. Langstrom's Pony/The Tap Room/Lord Ramsey's \r\n--------------------------------------------------------------------------------\r\n

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