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Welcome Here Again - Martin Hayes & Dennis Cahill

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Hayes, Martin & Dennis Cahill - Welcome Here Again
\r\nGLCD 1233

Welcome Here Again is Hayes and Cahill's first new studio album in almost ten years. It was once common for Irish musicians to record one tune at a time, to make each one a self-contained masterpiece. Coleman did it. Morrison did it. Martin Hayes is not of their stature�not yet anyway�but together with Dennis Cahill he aspires to the same musical crucible which renders the essence of the tunes, revealed in their purest form, accessible and appealing to all. The mesmeric rhythms, the tantalizing slow release of melody, the extra tone from viola or tuned-down fiddle, all of that and more is on this album. After almost ten years, Hayes and Cahill are indeed �Welcome Here Again�.\r\n\r\n

Track Listing\r\n
1) The Clare Reel \r\n
2) The High Jig \r\n
3) Lane To Glen/ Fahy's \r\n
4) The Dear Irish Boy \r\n
5) The Night Poor Larry Was Stretched \r\n
6) P. Joe's Reel \r\n
7) An Rogaire Dubh \r\n
8) Jenny's Welcome To Charlie \r\n
9) The Girl That Broke My Heart \r\n
10) The Wind Swept Hill of Tulla \r\n
11) The Galtee Hunt \r\n
12) John Naughton's Green Mountain/ Welcome Here Again \r\n
13) Mulqueen's \r\n
14) The Booley House Jig \r\n
15) O'Reilly's Greyhound/ Palmer's Gate \r\n
16) Coleman's March \r\n
17) The New Post Office/ The Pigeon on the Gate/ The New Custom House \r\n
18) Frank Keane's \r\n

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