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Turning The Tune - Charlie Lennon


Turning The Tune - Charlie Lennon

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Lennon, Charlie - Turning The Tune
2-CD CICD 166

Turning the Tune is a double-CD of fiddle music from Charlie Lennon which includes one CD of his own compositions. \

"One CD looks back, the other looks forward." That is how Charlie Lennon summed up his double-CD Turning the Tune. The first CD looks back to the roots of the tradition and past masters and features trusted old tunes with the notes in the booklet referring to many sources including McKenna, Morrison, Coleman and Killoran. Charlie Lennon presents many of these tunes in a new way while staying within the tradition, demonstrating the possibilities which the tradition offers. The second CD looks forward, and contains all new music composed by Charlie. He says of the compositions: "I find it helpful in writing to recall good memories of people and places and seek to capture these in music. While the genre is primarily Irish traditional, I have moved into other genres at times in order to best paint the picture." The booklet details the inspiration for each piece, adding a particularly personal touch to the album. 

Other musicians featuring on the album include: Brian McGrath, Frank Kilkelly, Brian Lennon, Johnny and Johnny og Connolly, Steve Simmons and Emmet Gill.
1. Reel: Farrell O'Gara 
2. Barn Dance: Stack of Barley Set 
3. Jig: Geese in the Bog 
4. Reel: The Dublin Reel 
5. Barn Dance: Peach Blossom 
6. Reels: The Reel of Bogie / Tangled Hank of Yarn 
7. Hornpipes: The Liverpool / O'Neill's 
8. Jigs: Trip to the Cottage / Pathway to the Well 
9. Reel: The Wind that Shakes the Barley 
10. Hornpipes: Alexander's / The Showman's Fancy 
11. Reels: The Duke of Leinster / The Master's Return 
12. Set Dance: The Blackbird 
13. Reels: Colonel Roger's Favourite / The Happy Bloom of Youth 
14. Jig: Frieze Britches 
15. Reels: The Taproom Set 

Disc 2
1. Jigs: The Happy Couple / Nancy's Party
2. Reels: Give Her Hay / Give Her Holly 
3. Reel: The Wishbone Reel 
4. Waltz: Waltz Joe-Anne 
5. Air / Reel: Sound Man, Eamonn 
6. Reel: The Quiet Man 
7. Strathspey (Tune): Lett's Strathspey 
8. Reel: Paul the Publisher 
9. Lament (Tune) : Taken by the Fairies 
10. Hornpipe: The Salthill Hornpipe 
11. Reels: Vincent Harroson's / David's Dream 
12. Jigs: The Fair One / Pay the Piper 
13. Hornpipe: Seamus Walshe's 
14. Reels: Sailing through Loughrea / The Mountain Dew 
15 Jigs: Jig for Johnny / Finn from Fairymount 

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