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Saffron and Blue - Manus McGuire


Saffron and Blue - Manus McGuire

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McGuire, Manus - Saffron and Blue

Manus McGuire's first solo album. The album encompasses the diverse strands of his musical experiences from Ireland, Scotland, Shetland and French Canada. It further exhibits his recent compositions in the form of waltzes, hornpipes, jigs and reels, all products of his newfound creativity. \r\n\r\n
Gillian Boucher mandocello, foot percussion \r\n
Billy Craib double bass \r\n
Trevor Hunter fiddle \r\n
Manus McGuire fiddle \r\n
Seamus McGuire fiddle, viola \r\n
Dennis Morrison piano \r\n
Garry O'Briain guitar, mandocello, piano \r\n
Ron Shaw cello\r\n
1) Genevieve's Waltz \r\n
2) Howling At The Moon/Sunset Over scariff/The Gortcomer Welcome \r\n
3) Le Vingt-Quarte De Juin \r\n
4) Charlie Hunter'sjig/Willie Jamieson's Delight \r\n
5) Lupins On Larkhill/Flight Of The Falcons \r\n
6) An Gleanntan Alainn \r\n
7) Boys Of The Lough \r\n
8) Molly At The Fair/The Pride Of Rathmore \r\n
9) A Granddaughter's Dream \r\n
10) Highest Hill In Sligo/Saffron And Blue \r\n
11) The Ariel Hornpipe/Eleanor Kane's Hornpipe \r\n
12) Methlick Style/Bobby Tulloch's Reel/Rhoda's Bon Hoga 5:47 Manus McCuire Saffron and Blue Folk \r\n
13) Munster Bacon/Boys Of Bodyke \r\n
14) Billy Brocker's/Tom Ward's Downfall/The Torn Jacket/The Liffey Banks/Lucy Campbell \r\n

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