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There's Gangs of Them Digging - Frank Harte


There's Gangs of Them Digging - Frank Harte

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Harte, Frank
\r\nThere's Gangs of Them Digging - Frank Harte
\r\nSongs of The Irish Labourer
\r\nCD DLCD022 2007

1. The Galbally Farmer \r\n
2. Tambo\r\n
3. Kerryman's Ramble To Tipperary\r\n
4. Paddy On The Canal\r\n
5. When The Breakers Go Back On Full Time\r\n
6. Blantyre Explosion\r\n
7. Boys of Ballinamore\r\n
8. Reap and Mow The Hay\r\n
9. Do Me Justice\r\n
10.Mickey Dam\r\n
11.Aran Labourer\r\n
12.Just A Note\r\n
13.Building Up and Tearing England Down\r\n
14.Hot Ashphelt\r\n
15.McAlpine's Crew\r\n
16.McAlpine's Fusiliers\r\n
17.Tunnel Tigers\r\n
18.John O Halloran\r\n
19.Murphy Can Never Go Home \r\n

Born in 1933 in Chapelizod, a village by the banks of the Liffey, Frank \r\nHarte died of a heart attack at his Dublin home on June 27. He was 72 \r\nyears of age. An architect by trade, Frank Harte was renowned and beloved as a Singer and collector of Irish narrative songs, many of them from or about his native Dublin. Possessing the finest instincts of a historian, archivist, and conservator, Harte expressed his fascination with and deep knowledge of Ireland's cultural past through singing and more than 24,000 songs he accumulated. For him, the past always reached out to the present in the songs he found or sang. "Those in power write the history," he often remarked, "and those who suffer write the songs, and given our history, we have an awful lot of songs." \r\nFranks final project was as usual a heartfelt endeavour and it was important to him to finish this cd, which he did in the weeks before we lost this man, who has rightly been described as 'a national treasure'. It's a collection of songs about navvies (canal, construction, and other labourers) entitled "There's Gangs of Them Digging." Christy Moore, Mairead ni Dhomhnaill and Altan were among the musicians who performed at Frank Harte's funeral on July 1 2004. Now three years later and coinciding with the anniversary of his death, The Daisy Label is releasing Frank's last album. \r\n

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