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The Trip To Cullenstown - Phil,John & Pip Murphy


The Trip To Cullenstown - Phil,John & Pip Murphy

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Murphy, Phil, John and Pip-The Trip To Cullenstown
\r\nCD CC55CD 1991 Claddagh Records
Musicians: \r\n
Phil, John and Pip Murphy; harmonicas \r\n
Tony Holleran; guitar (track 8) \r\n
Mick Daly; guitar (track 5, 13), five string banjo (track 13) \r\n\r\n

1. The Flogging Reel, Kathy Jones & The Honeymoon \r\n
2. The Shores of Lough Gowna & The Humours of Kesh \r\n
3. The Wexford Hornpipe & The Bannow Bay Hornpipe \r\n
4. Pete's Polka & The Happy Polka \r\n
5. Mickey the Moulder & Tatter Jack Welsh \r\n
6. The Shepherd's Love Dream \r\n
7. Kitty Come Over & The Mug of Brown Ale \r\n
8. The Ballygow Reel & The Trip to Cullenstown \r\n
9. The Congress, The Heather Breeze & The Earl's Chair \r\n
10. The Lakes of Kincora & Cronin's Hornpipe \r\n
11. The Mummers' Jig (My Darling Asleep & The Priest in His Boots) \r\n
12. Pete Bate's Hornpipe & Joe Kearns's Favourite \r\n
13. The Ballygow Polka & The Wistful Lover. \r\n
14. The Kerry Hills \r\n
15. The King of the Clans & Castlekelly \r\n
16. The Listowel Polkas\r\n

Phil Murphy of south County Wexford invented a unique style of playing traditional dance music on the harmonica. He passed it on to his sons and on this recording, made just three weeks before Phil's death, we can hear just how skilful and how beautiful this style is. There is no other record like this one. \r\n

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