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Rain On The Roof - Andy Irvine


Rain On The Roof - Andy Irvine

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Irvine, Andy-Rain On The Roof
\r\nCD 1996

Andy self-produced and independently released this album in 1996 and has only sold it at live shows until now. \r\n

Andy writes:\r\n

Most of the recordings on this CD were done as if live. That is to say I sat in front of microphones with my bouzouki or mandolin in my lap, my harmonica in its holder, round my neck and my drone volume pedal on the floor, under my foot, and played and sang all in one go. The exceptions to this are that I played a second mandolin on "My Heart's Tonight" and "A Smile in the Dark" and that Declan Masterson added low whistle to the latter. The sets of tunes are different: they were recorded along with Rens van der Zalm, who I first met in Ljubljana over 25 years ago (he was only a lad then) and Steve Cooney, who arrived in Ireland from Australia about 20 years ago.\r\n

1. Prince Among Men \r\n
2. Baneasa's Green Glade / Daichevo Horo \r\n
3. Rain on the Roof / The Blue Mountains of New South Wales \r\n
4. My Heart's Tonight in Ireland \r\n
5. Forgotten Hero \r\n
6. Pamela's Ruchenitsa / Gruncharsko Horo / Baker's Dozen \r\n
7. He Fades Away \r\n
8. Come With Me Over the Mountain / A Smile in the Dark \r\n
9. The Monument (Lest We Forget) \r\n
10.Take No Prisoners / Old Brunswick\r\n
11.Never Tire of the Road

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