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Forty Years of Irish Piping - Seamus Ennis


Forty Years of Irish Piping - Seamus Ennis

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Ennis, Seamus\r\nForty Years of Irish Piping - Seamus Ennis
\r\nCD COMP 1000

The definitive performances of one of Ireland's great pipers. What we did not record ourselves has been edited and reprocessed from old and rare sources. This illustrated and documented musical biography was originally issued as a double-length cassette and is now available on CD. \r\n\r\n

Tracks: \r\n
1) The Merry Blacksmith/The Rainy Day/The Silver Spear \r\n
2) First You Must Learn The Grip \r\n
3) The Bucks Of Oranmore \r\n
4) The Bucks Of Oranmore/The Sligo Maid's Lament \r\n
5) The Praties Are Dug And The Frost Is All Over \r\n
6) The Fox Chase \r\n
7) If All The Young Maidens Were Blackbirds And Thrushes \r\n
8) The Copperplate Reel \r\n
9) The Silver Spear/The Dublin Reel/Miss Monahan \r\n
10) Salamanca/Duke Gordon \r\n
11) Don Niperi Septo \r\n
12) Donegal Reel \r\n
13) Paudeen O'Rafferty/The Friar's Jig \r\n
14) Speed The Plough/The Merry Blacksmith/The Forge Music \r\n
15) The Lark's March \r\n
16) Sixpenny Money/When The Cock Crows It Is Day \r\n
17) Piper Of The Embers/Down The Back Lane/Sixpenny Money/Paudeen O'Rafferty \r\n
18) I'll Mend Your Pots And Kettles O \r\n
19) The Broken Pledge \r\n
20) Paddy Killoran's Reel \r\n
21) Gentle Philip Farly\r\n

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