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Irish Session Tunes Orange Book/CD - Brid Cranitch


Irish Session Tunes Orange Book/CD - Brid Cranitch

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Cranitch, Brid\r\nIrish Session Tunes Orange Book & CD
\r\nOMB 84

The Orange Book contains more than one hundred Irish Dance Tunes and Airs, selected and arranged into Sets by Brid Cranitch. \r\nThis collection contains a varied selection of widely played and lesser known tunes, divided into different dance rhythms but predominantly reels to reflect that this is the fourth book in the series and is a slightly higher difficulty. \r\nThese tunes have been sorted, along with similar songs, into sets to be played at Irish sessions.\r\nThe range of the tunes is particularly suitable for the fiddle, but can be used on other instruments. \r\nIncludes Lucy Campbell's, Far From Home, Maids On The Green and The Mist Covered Mountain. \r\n

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