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Northern Roots - David Surette


Northern Roots - David Surette

$ 15.00
Surette, David - Northern Roots
\r\nDave Surette-guitar, mandolin, bouzouki
\r\nSarah Bauhan- whistle
\r\nSusie Burke-guitar
\r\nRodney Miller-fiddle

Madrina Music is pleased to announce the release of Northern Roots, the new recording from guitarist and mandolinist David Surette. Northern Roots is the first album to feature the guitar and mandolin in a program of all-traditional, New England-based dance music; it marks as well Surette's first return to solo recording since 1996's Trip to Kemper (which was selected by Yankee Magazine as one of their "Top Forty" essential New England CDs). With this new release, his seventh CD, Surette draws on his background as an experienced dance and session player, as well as his solo guitar arranging skills, to create a fresh, vibrant treatment of New England music.\r\n

1.Quickstep To The Battle Of Prague/Tuttle's Reel/Traveler's Reel\r\n
2.Irish Medley:The Blackbird/The Peacock's Feather\r\n
3.French-Canadian Jigs: Papineauville/Denis Lanctot's\r\n
4.Scots Pipe Tunes: Jamieson's/ Leaving Port Askaig/ Atholl Highlander's\r\n
5.Breton Medley: Ar C'hont Gwilhou/ Larides\r\n
6.Julianna (Surette)\r\n
7.Old French/The Growling Old Man and The Grumbling Old Woman\r\n
8.Angeline The Baker\r\n
9.English Medley: Old Black Joe/ Idbury Hill\r\n
10.Cowboy Jig/ Coleraine\r\n
11.Reel du Pendu\r\n
12.Lass Of Patie's Mill\r\n
13.Wagoner/ June Apple\r\n
14.Michael Turner's Waltz\r\n
15.Silver and Gold Two-Step

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