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Cork Folk Festival Archive - Celebrating 21 Years


Cork Folk Festival Archive - Celebrating 21 Years

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Various-Cork Folk Festival Archive-Celebrating 21 Years

Now re-available, �The Cork Folk Festival� has been celebrating the music, song and dance of Ireland and countries worldwide for 21 years, and this project started in 1990 when they decided to record some of the festivals' highlights to be kept as a record of the event. What a great idea! The 18 tracks are a blistering, swaggering, and at times poignant and sensitive, at others joyously infectious advertisement for a festival that needs no hype beyond the music. Featuring Gerry O' Connor & Mick Daly, Seamus Creagh & Jackie Daly , John Spillane, Patrick Street, Jimmy MacCarthy, Jimmy Crowley and Mary Bergin�.. Amongst others! \r\n\r\n

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