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Wooden Flute Obsession 3


Wooden Flute Obsession 3

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Various-Wooden Flute Obsession 3
\r\n41 Artists 95 Tunes 2 CDs

\r\nDISC ONE - time 70:18
1. Gary Duffy (3:33 Slip Jigs) Rohan Conlon's Slip Jig/Darragh Conlon's Slip Jig\r\n
2. Conor Byrne (3:34 Jigs) Hurry the Jug//Francie Dearg's/Neary's Jig\r\n
3. Noel Sweeney (2:19 Reels) The Caucus at Secaucus/Lady Gordon's\r\n
4. Christy Barry (7:38 Air/Reel/Hornpipe/Reel) An Buachaill�n B�n/Flanagan's Reel/McCormack's/The Cliff Dwellers\r\n
5. Geraldine McNamara (2:33 Reels) Splendid Isolation/Patrick's Night \r\n
6. Sarah-Jane Woods (2:20 Reels) The Abbey Reel/Fred Finn's\r\n
7. Desy Adams (2:51 Jigs) The Furze in Bloom/The Cat in the Corner\r\n
8. Christine Dowling (3:46 Air) The Rushes Green\r\n
9. Brendan Mulholland (2:37 Reels) O'ot Be Est da Vong/Maid Of The House \r\n
10. Nicolas Buckmelter (3:23 Reels) The Rainy Day/The New Mown Meadows\r\n
11. Brid O'Donohue (2:51 Jigs) The Chorus Jig/Coleman's Jig\r\n
12. John Lee (2:56 Reels) The Flower of the Flock/The Twelfth Lock/The Absentminded Woman\r\n
13. Frank Claudy (1:50 Reel) The Thrush in the Storm \r\n
14. Peg McGrath (3:28 Air) Easter Snow\r\n
15. Seamus Mac Conaonaigh (2:46 Reels) Maud Miller's/The Fair-Haired Boy/The Plough and the Stars\r\n
16. Nicholas & Anne McAuliffe (3:31 Polkas) The Return of Spring/The Mountain Pathway/Up and Away\r\n
17. Paddy O'Neill (1:56 Reels) It's a Hard Road to Travel/Swing Swang \r\n
18. Aoife Granville (2:46 Jigs) I Love You Not and Care For You Not/Dillon's Frolics\r\n
19. Alan Doherty (5:44 Air/Reel/Reel) Cail�n na Gruaige Doinne/Peata Beag A Mh�thair/Anto's Gambit\r\n
20. Claus Steinort (2:47 Reels) My Love and I in the Garden/Palmer's Gate\r\n
21. David Migoya (3:36 Reels) John Lardiner's/The Green Mountain/Glenn Allen Reel\r\n
22. Ronan Browne (1:33 Air) Rud Beag Mall\r\n

DISC TWO - time 70:23\r\n

1. Norman Holmes (4:44 Hornpipe/Reel/Reel) Garrett Barry's/Gan Ainm/Orla's Reel\r\n
2. Ciaran Somers (2:34 Reels) The Yellow Tinker/The Skylark\r\n
3. Mick Mulvey (3:38 Jigs) John Blessing's Delight/Green Fields of Miltown/Up Leitrim!\r\n
4. JP Downes (3:24 Reels) The Green Mountain/Earl's Chair\r\n
5. Shannon Heaton (4:34 Reels) The O'Connor Donn's/The Morning Thrush\r\n
6. Tina McSherry (3:01 Waltz) Tommy Bhetty's Waltz \r\n
7. Eileen Hassett (3:01 Reels) The Flowers of Limerick/The Drogheda Lasses\r\n
8. Paul McGlinchey (3:15 Reels) Follow Me Down to Carlow/Famous Ballymote/Cronin's\r\n
9. Leon Agnew (3:49 Air/Reel) Phoenix Island/Paddy Mills' Fancy\r\n
10. Kieran O'Hare & John Skelton (2:53 Jigs) Paddy Breen's/Put on Your Clothes/The Honeybee\r\n
11. Davy Maguire (4:09 Air) Port na bP�ca�\r\n
12. Louise Mulcahy (3:30 Reels) The Bag of Spuds/A View from Across the Valley/The Galway Rambler \r\n
13. Caoimh�n O'Raghallaigh (2:34 Hornpipe/Reel) The Leitrim Fancy/The First House in Connacht\r\n
14. Tim Britton (6:54 Air/Jig/Jig/Slide/Slide) Caoineadh U� Dhomhnaill/The Haunted House/The Lark on the Strand/The Bank of Turf/Tom Billy's\r\n
15. Isaac Alderson (4:22 Reels) The Green-Gowned Lass/The Broken Pledge\r\n
16. John Rynne (3:58 Reels) Pigeon on the Gate//The Victory Reel/The London Lasses/Courting Them All\r\n
17. Mick O'Brien (3:48 Air/Jig) T�im Cortha � Bheith im' Aonar im' Lu�/ Clancy Unknown #57 \r\n
18. Sean Moloney (2:36 Reels) Splendid Isolation/Johnny's Wedding\r\n
19. Garry Walsh (3:39 Reels) The Cross Legged Tailor/Under the Tholsel/Eileen Fahy's\r\n\r\n

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