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Around the World for Sport-The Doon Ceili Band


Around the World for Sport-The Doon Ceili Band

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Doon Ceili Band-Around the World for Sport
1. John Brennan's-The Ballymahon-Mrs. Crotty's\r\n
2. What Ail's You?-Get Up Old Woman and Shake Yourself-Come In From\r\n
3. The Capelhouse Reel-Julia Clifford's-Mary O'Neill's Fancy\r\n
4. To Daunton Me-Hawkes\r\n
5. Sergeant Cahill's-Behind the Bush in the Garden-Smash the Window\r\n
6. McGovern's-Captain Kelly's-The Guns of the Magnificient Seven\r\n
7. The Foggy Morning-Ellis's Jig-Jug of Brown Ale\r\n
8. Around the World for Sport-The Speckled Hen-Miss McGuiness\r\n
9. The Battle of Aughrim\r\n
10. Tom Bawn's-The Rising Sun-Bill Maley's Reel\r\n
11. Joe Bane's-The Goat's Polka\r\n
12. The Cocktail-The Pretty Girls of the Village-The Piper on Horseb\r\n
13. Give Us a Drink of Water-Dever the Dancer-The Highway to Kilkenn\r\n
14. Mrs. Crotty's-The Lass of Carracastle-The Cavan Reel\r\n
15. The Dew on the Grass\r\n
16. Paddy Fahy's-The Hungry Rocks-The House in the Glen\r\n
17. The Portuguese Waltz\r\n
18. The Tailor's Thimble-The Pigtown Reel-John Byrth's\r\n
19. Jackie Roche's Favorite-The Kerry Jig-The Humours of Rahey\r\n\r\n

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