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Donegal Fiddler - PV O'Donnell


Donegal Fiddler - PV O'Donnell

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O'Donnell, PV-Donegal Fiddler
"PV O'Donnell With Guests":\r\n
Father Charlie Coen - Concertina & Flute\r\n
Tom Byrne - Harmonica\r\n
Patsy O'Brien - Guitar \r\n

P.V. O'Donnell comes from Inishowen in County Donegal - the most northerly peninsula in Ireland. He was born in Buncrana. Both his parents were local. His father spent a period in the USA before returning to open a successful garage business and afterwards a shop and ballroom in his native town.\r\n

1. Fisherman's Lilt/Old High Reel (Reels) \r\n
2. Joe Derraine's / Francis Mooney's (Barndances) \r\n
3. Down The Back Lane / The Haunted House (Jigs) \r\n
4. Gatineau / Leslie's (Reels) \r\n
5. O'Carolan's Draught (Air) \r\n
6. Driving The Cows / Bowlegged Tailor (Jigs) \r\n
7. Golden Eagle / Acrobat (Hornpipes) \r\n
8. Derry Fiddler's Lament (Danny Boy) (Air) \r\n
9. King of the Clans / Ten Pound Float (Reels) \r\n
10. El Redondo Encantado (Redondo Circle Dance) (Redondo) \r\n
11. Old Blackbird / Blackbird (Hornpipes) \r\n
12. Ben Hill / Rossmore Jetty (Reels) \r\n
13. Dever The Dancer / Humours of Derrykissane / Paddy Hiudai's (Slipjigs) \r\n
14. Las Perlitas Polka (Little Pearls Polka) (Polka) \r\n\r\n

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