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My Colleen by the Shore - Bruce Scott


My Colleen by the Shore - Bruce Scott

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Scott, Bruce-My Colleen By The Shore
\r\nCD Veteran 149 2005

The Irish music scene in Liverpool has long been a vibrant one and out of it has grown one of the finest traditional singers in the country. Bruce Scott, a one time demolition worker who travelled Ireland in the 1960s busking and learning songs, has brought together a great and unusual collection of traditional songs sung in a way that reflects his lifetime of singing. As if that wasn�t enough, he has in recent years started writing his own songs and four of them feature on this CD, including the title track �My Colleen by the Shore� which won Bruce the �All Ireland Newly Composed Ballads� competition in 2004. \r\n
1. Rocks of Bawn - 3.53\r\n\r\n
2. The Tipperary Tinker - 2.50\r\n\r\n
3. Streams of Bunclody - 4.41\r\n\r\n
4. Summer in Bonclody - 4.00\r\n\r\n
5. Easy & Slow - 3.19\r\n\r\n
6. The Herring - 2.40\r\n\r\n
7. Lowlands of Flanders - 4.17\r\n\r\n
8. The Bold McShane - 2.46\r\n\r\n
9. It Was in the Month of January - 3.39\r\n\r\n
10. The Deck of the Baltimore - 4.26\r\n\r\n
11. My Liverpool Rose - 3.24\r\n\r\n
12. On the Deck of Patrick Lynch's Boat - 2.49\r\n\r\n
13. She Moved Through the Fair - 2.49\r\n\r\n
14. Buck St John's Black Army - 2.44\r\n\r\n
15. My Colleen by the Shore\r\n

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