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Banjoed - Dessie Kelliher


Banjoed - Dessie Kelliher

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Kelliher, Dessie-Banjoed
Debut solo recording\r\n

Dessie Kelliher is from Castlegregory in Kerry, and is an ace banjo player. He has surrounded himself with a group of musical friends and made an album that shows just how good he is. There are eleven tracks of good solid music that's bound to please.\r\n

Dessie Kelliher - Banjo & Bouzouki \r\n
Tony Byrne & Daniel Ludke - Guitar \r\n
Gary O'Brien - Guitar & Percussion \r\n
Padraig O' Se & Peter Browne - Accordion \r\n
Alan Maguire - Bouzouki \r\n
Michael McGoldrick - Whistle \r\n
Colin Farrell & Niamh Dunne - Fiddle \r\n
Steve White - Percussion \r\n
John Sanders - Bass \r\n
Guido Pluschke - Bodhran \r\n
Michael O'Connell - Pipes \r\n

1. Two Smokin' Boots 4:17 \r\n
2. Dermot Grogan's, Daz Jig, Substitute for Sport 4:06 \r\n
3. Mags 3:15 \r\n
4. The Fall, Splendid Isolation, A Flagstone of Memories 4:31 \r\n
5. O'Dea's, Paddy Fahy's 3:27 \r\n
6. Sally Gardens, The Long Haul, Charlie's Car 4:38 \r\n
7. Slides 3:36 \r\n
8. Popcorn Behaviour, Over the Hill, Gan Ainm 4:09 \r\n
9. Candleman 2:51 \r\n
10. Polkas 3:41 \r\n
11. Eddie Kelley's, Gan Ainm, Franks Reel 3:28 \r\n

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