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Adam in Paradise-Eddie Butcher


Adam in Paradise-Eddie Butcher

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Butcher, Eddie-Adam in Paradise
\r\nFour Songs on Courtship from the Ulster Tradition Sung by Eddie Butcher
Eddie comes from one of those singing families. \r\nHe sings unaccompanied, in the old style - an uncalculated number of songs learnt in the tradition of his native Co. Derry. \r\n
These 4 songs (13�41� in total) about courtship are a small sample of his repertory; but they range over a wide area of musical and poetic traditions. \r\n
This is a reissue of his 1969 EP to mark the twenty-fifth anniversary of his death.\r\n
1.The Enniskilling Dragoon\r\n
2.I Long For To Get Married\r\n
3.Adam in Paradise\r\n
4.The Cocks are Crowing

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