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16 Two Hand Dances-Matt Cunningham


16 Two Hand Dances-Matt Cunningham

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Cunningham, Matt-16 Two- Hand Dances
\r\nThe Dance Music of Ireland
\r\nCD Ainm ARCD044
\r\nTraditional Irish Music at its Best
1.The Military Two Step
2. The Gay Gordon's
3. The Stack of Barley
4. The Verse of Vienna (Shoe the Donkey)
5. The Schottische (Heal and Toe)
7.Two Hand Reel
8.Two Hand Jig
9.Two Hand Hornpipe/The Corn Reeks
10. The Sweetheart Waltz
11.The Pride of Erin Waltz
12.The St.Bernard Waltz
13. The Valita Waltz
14.The Peeler and the Goat
Matt Cunningham; Accordions,
Joseph Cunningham; Banjo,
Eric Cunningham; Flutes and Snare Drum,
Ita Cunningham; Fiddle,
Eugene Kelly; Keyboards and Bass\r\n

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