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15 Ceili Dances -Matt Cunningham


15 Ceili Dances -Matt Cunningham

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Cunningham,Matt-15 Ceili Dances
\r\nThe Dance Music of Ireland
\r\nCD Ainm ARCD043
\r\nTraditional Irish Ceili Dance Music at its Best
1.The Sweets of May
2.The Three Tunes (Figure Dance)
3. The Trip to the Cottage
4. The Bridge of Athlone
5. The High Cauld Cap/Walls of Limerick
6. Haymakers Jig
7.The Fairy Reel
8. The Eight-Hand Jig
9.The Priest and his Boots/Siege of Ennis/Harvest time Jig
10.St. Patrick's Day
11. The Siege of Carrick
12. The Humours of Bandon\r\n\r\n
Musicians: Matt Cunningham; Accordions\r\n\r\n
Joseph Cunningham; Banjo\r\n\r\n
Eric Cunningham; Flutes and Snare Drum\r\n\r\n
Ita Cunningham; Fiddle\r\n\r\n
Eugene Kelly; Keyboards and Bass\r\n\r\n \r\n\r\n

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