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d' flute album - Kevin Crawford


d' flute album - Kevin Crawford

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Crawford, Kevin-'d' flute album
\r\nCD kerbstone 77
\r\n1994 acclaimed solo debut
1. George White's Favourite/The Sligo Maid (Reels) \r\n
2. Jim Donoghue's/Gorman's/Kiss Me Kate (Reels) \r\n
3. Christy Barry's Set (Jigs) \r\n
4. Paddy Fahy's/The Echo (Hornpipes) \r\n
5. Fisherman's Farewell/Junior Crehan's (Reels) \r\n
6. The Mill Pond/The Battering Ram (Jigs) \r\n
7. Dillon' Fancy/Maids In The Meadow/Toss The Feathers (Reels) \r\n
8. Season Of Mists (Slow Airs) \r\n
9. Maurice Lennon's/Connie O'Connell's (Reels) \r\n
10. Jug Of Brown Ale/Spot The Wollop (Jigs) \r\n
11. Sporting Paddy/The Abbey Reel (Reels) \r\n
12. Green Fields Of Rossbeigh/The New Policeman (Reels) \r\n
13. Blackberry Blossom/Brady's/The Steam Packet (Reels) \r\n
14. Flowers Of Brooklyn/The Palm Tree/The Bucks Of Oranmore (Reels) \r\n\r\n

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