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Jigs & Quicksteps, Trips & Humours  -  Peter Kennedy


Jigs & Quicksteps, Trips & Humours - Peter Kennedy

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Kennedy, Peter - Traditional Dance Music of Britain and Ireland\r\n
Jigs & Quicksteps, Trips & Humours\r\n
The Fiddler's Tune-Book series\r\n
Edited by Peter Kennedy. For Fiddle. Songbook. Fiddler's Tune Book. Fiddle Tunes. Level: Beginning-Intermediate. Book. Size 8.25x11.75. 48 pages. Published by Dave Mallinson Publications. (A177) \r\n

This third book in the Fiddler's Tune-Book series continues the theme started in Rants & Reels, Flings & Fancies but this time the time signature is 6/8. Yes, Jigs & Quicksteps, Trips & Humours brings together 200 jigs most of which have never been published. Many different names were used for the tunes that now go under the generic title of jigs, but at one time had rhythmical significance for certain fashionable dances of their day. Most, at some time, were employed for 'country dances', others, such as quicksteps and gallops, for 'round dances' and still more were used for quadrilles. Never since O'Neills has so many jigs been assembled in one volume.\r\n
\r\nApples in Winter\r\nBallina Lasses, The\r\nBard's Whym, The\r\nBasket of Oysters, The\r\nBeer Drinker, The\r\nBerwick Quickstep\r\nBlackthorn Stick, The\r\nBlue Stocking, The\r\nBoyne Hunt\r\nBuck of Tipperary, The\r\nBugle Quickstep no. 1\r\nBugle Quickstep no. 2\r\nBugle Quickstep no. 3\r\nCail�n Deas Donn\r\nCampbells are Coming, The\r\nCaptain Bourn's Fancy\r\nCastlebar Lasses\r\nCherish the Ladies\r\nChorus Jig, The\r\nClose to the Floor\r\nComet, The\r\nConnaughtman, The\r\nCrabs in the Skillet\r\nCroppies Lie Down\r\nCrossmolina Lasses no. 1\r\nCrossmolina Lasses no. 2\r\nDevil or no Devil\r\nDevil's in Dublin, The\r\nDiamond Jig, The\r\nDid You See my Man?\r\nDonal O'Grady\r\nDouraling\r\nDown the Hill\r\nDublin Bridge\r\nDuchess of Richmond's Fancy, The\r\nDucks dang o'er my Dadie, The\r\nDunmore Castle\r\nEllen Rosenberg's Fancy\r\nEppie McNabb\r\nFagan's Journey\r\nFairly Shot of Her\r\nFar Away Wedding, The\r\nFasten the Wig on Her\r\nFiery Clockface, The\r\nFoxford Lasses\r\nGallop, The\r\nGalloping Jig, The\r\nGalloway Tom\r\nGap in the Wood, The\r\nGarry Owen\r\nGeorgiana\r\nGood Humoured Jig, The\r\nGrandfather's Pet\r\nGrandmother's Pet\r\nHare in the Corn, The\r\nHelvic Grove\r\nHibernia\r\nHousemaid, The\r\nHuish the Cat from the Bacon\r\nHumours of Ardnaree, The\r\nHumours of Ballinamult, The\r\nHumours of Baltard, The\r\nHumours of Bandon, The\r\nHumours of Cork, The\r\nHumours of Glin, The\r\nHumours of Last Night, The\r\nHumours of Newtown, The\r\nHumours of Passage, The\r\nHumours of Ross, The\r\nHumours of Tallow, The\r\nHurry the Jug\r\nIrish Whiskey\r\nJackey Bull\r\nJack in the Garret\r\nJack's Alive\r\nJackson's Bottle of Brandy\r\nJackson's Bottle of Punch\r\nJackson's Dairymaid\r\nJackson's Dream\r\nJackson's Fancy\r\nJackson's Jig\r\nJackson's Lodge\r\nJackson's Lodge in the Morning\r\nJackson's Maid at the Fair\r\nJackson's Morning Brush\r\nJackson's Piper\r\nJackson's Rowley Powley\r\nJackson's Welcome Home\r\nJohnny Cock the Beaver\r\nJuliana\r\nKillala Maids\r\nKing of the Pipers\r\nKinloch of Kinloch\r\nKissing and Drinking\r\nLad in his Breeches, The\r\nLads of Dunse\r\nLady Shire's Favourite\r\nLaird o' Cockpen, The\r\nLangstram Pony\r\nLarry Grogan\r\nLarry O'Gaff\r\nLasses of Labasheeda\r\nLasses of Limerick\r\nLegacy, The\r\nLittle House Under the Hill, The\r\nLord Cathcart's Welcome Home\r\nLord St. Orville\r\nLuckpenny, The\r\nMaid on the Green, The\r\nMaids in the Morning\r\nMajor, The\r\nMajor John Bruce's Favourite\r\nMaloney's Jig\r\nMary's Fancy\r\nMerry Month of May, The\r\nMerry Old Woman, The\r\nMiners of Wicklow, The\r\nMiss Betty's Delight\r\nMiss Gordon's Fancy\r\nMrs. Casey\r\nMoney in Both Pockets\r\nMorgan Rattler\r\nMorgiana in Ireland\r\nMountainy Boys\r\nMouth of the Jug, The\r\nMug of Brown Ale, The\r\nMunster Buttermilk\r\nMunster Lass\r\nMurphy Delaney\r\nMy Pipes so Sweet\r\nNancy Dawson\r\nNew Found Out, The\r\nNew Park\r\nNews from France\r\nNews from Portugal\r\nNews of the Victory\r\nNew Trip to the Ferry\r\nNora Creina\r\nNoran Kista\r\nOld Woman's Purse of Money no. 1, The\r\nOld Woman's Purse of Money no. 2, The\r\nOnagh's Lock\r\nOne-horned Cow, The\r\nOver the Border\r\nPaddy Carey\r\nPaddy O'Carroll\r\nPaddy O'Rafferty\r\nPaddy the Weaver\r\nPaddy Whack\r\nPantheon Dance, The\r\nParson in his Boots, The\r\nPaul Pry\r\nPeeler and the Goat, The\r\nPibroch of Donald Dhu\r\nPlain Truth, The\r\nPoor Soldier, The\r\nPretty Thing at the Fair, The\r\nQuadrille\r\nRakes of Clonmel, The\r\nRakes of Kildare, The\r\nRakish Highlandman, The\r\nRaymond's Frolic\r\nRenny's Fancy\r\nResolution Cutter, The\r\nRory O'Moore\r\nRoyal Charlie\r\nSailor Laddie, The\r\nShee Calaugh Awara Mea\r\nSheila n� Guira\r\nSilk in the Bag\r\nSkiver the Quilt\r\nSociable, The\r\nSpiddle Spaddle\r\nStagger the Buck\r\nSteamboat Quickstep, The\r\nStepney's Rant\r\nStir Your Feet, Johnny\r\nStony Road, The\r\nStrayaway Child\r\nStrop the Razor\r\nSwallow's Nest, The\r\nSwinford Lasses\r\nTerry Alt's Jig\r\nTodlen Hame\r\nToohey's Frolic\r\nTrim the Velvet\r\nTrip it Upstairs\r\nTrip to Killarney, The\r\nTrip to the Ferry\r\nTurnpike Gate, The\r\nTwo-mile Bridge\r\nUnfortunate Rake, The\r\nWelshman from Wens\r\nWhiskey and Brandy\r\nWicked Cook, The\r\nWidows Alone\r\nWild Irishman\r\nWild Oats\r\nWilly's Fancy\r\nYellow Wattle\r\n\r\n\r\n

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