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Traditional Music From Clare and Beyond - Gear�id O hAllmhur�in


Traditional Music From Clare and Beyond - Gear�id O hAllmhur�in

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O hAllmhur�in,Gear�id -\r\nTraditional Music From Clare and Beyond
\r\nCassette (also available as CD)


This is a wonderful recording that you'll listen to over and over again. Gearoid's sweet touch on the concertina is gracefully matched by the selection of tunes. The roster of guest artists, including Paddy Canny and Peter O'Loughlin, is impressive - but the playing is simple and honest, reminiscent of late night sessions in the pubs and parlors of West Clare.\r\n
1.The Broken Pledge & The Shoemaker's Daughter - Reels (2:40) \r\n
2.The Munster Bacon & Come Along With Me - Jigs (2:20) \r\n
3.The Crosses of Annagh & Jim McCormack's - Reels (2:30) \r\n
4.Coilsfield House - Slow Air (3:29) \r\n
5.Jenny's Wedding & Miss Thornton - Reels (3:40) \r\n
6.The Boys of Bluehill & The Stack of Barley - Hornpipes (3:43) \r\n
7.Cecilia's Waltz (4:01) \r\n
8.Garrett Barry's & John Naughton's - Jigs (2:37) \r\n
9.The Five Mile Chase & The First House in Connaught - Reels (2:35) \r\n
10.An P�ist�n Fionn & An C�is�n B�n - Slow Air & Set Piece (4:37) \r\n
11.Miss Walsh & Apples in Winter - Jigs (2:48) \r\n
12.Over the Moor to Maggie & Lucky in Love - Reels (2:00) \r\n
13.The Tailor's Twist & The High Level - Hornpipes (3:58) \r\n
14.Da Sloket Light, Within a Mile of Edinburgh Town, Archie Menzie's & The King of the Clans - Slow Air, Clan March & Reels (7:35) \r\n

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