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Irish In America - Dan Milner & Bob Conroy


Irish In America - Dan Milner & Bob Conroy

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Milner, Dan & Bob Conroy - Irish In America 1780-1980

\r\nProduced by Dan Milner in association with South Street Seaport Museum in New York City and painstakingly researched and recorded over 2 years, this new compact disc presents songs detailing the lives of newly arrived Irish Immigrants - laborers, factory hands, homemakers, soldiers, sportsmen and politicians - plus first generation Irish-Americans - cowboy rustlers, card sharks, dancing vaudevillians and workers adrift in the Great Depression. \r\nThe songs come from 19th Century broadsides and songsters, great folk song collections and by word-of-mouth. Renowned ballad singer Dan Milner & banjo virtuoso Bob Conroy sing them with keen understanding and great conviction. \r\nMilner & Conroy are joined by 5 All-Ireland \r\nChampions. Brian Conway & Pat Mangan (fiddles) and Billy McComiskey (accordion) come together with United States National Guitar Champion Orrin Star (mandolin, banjo, guitar) and the sterling talents of Brendan Dolan, (flute, whistle, piano), Eliot Grasso (uilleann pipes), Terry McKee (bouzouki), Jan Oosting (piano) and Denny Ryan (bass). Champion step-dancer Niall O'Leary from Dublin adds to the excitement. A team of great supporting singers features All-Ireland Champion Jim McFarland of Derry and American folk music stalwarts Dick Swain, Lisa Null, Deirdre Murtha, Bonnie Milner, Bill Grau and Frank Hendricks. \r\n\r\n--------------------------------------------------------------------------------\r\n

\r\nTHE SONGS AND TUNES:\r\nMcNally's Row of Flats / The Girl I Left Behind - The Man of the House / The Sons of Liberty / Drill Ye Tarriers, Drill / The Irish Volunteer / Pat Murphy of Meagher's Brigade / The Roving Gambler / Scovill's Rolling Mill / Tell Her I Am - Richard Brennan's / The Day I Played Base Ball / Katie Kearney - Christmas Eve / The West Rutland Marble Bawn / Billy the Kid / The Hard Working Miner / The Portland County Jail \r\n\r\n--------------------------------------------------------------------------------\r\n \r\n

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