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Coyotebanjo - Chris Smith with Roger Landes and Randal Bays


Coyotebanjo - Chris Smith with Roger Landes and Randal Bays

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Smith, Chris - Coyotebanjo
\r\nChris Smith (tenor banjo),
\r\nRandal Bays (fiddle),
\r\nRoger Landes (bouzouki),
\r\nwith guests Angela Mariani (voice) and
\r\nJohn Perrin (bodhran),
\r\n kicking out the jams live in the \r\nstudio on a program of classic tunes--jigs, reels, \r\nhornpipes, slow airs, and funny songs--from the Irish \r\ntradition.\r\nTracks:
\r\n1. The Peeler's Jacket/The Flogging/The Abbey
\r\n2. Short Jacket and White Trousers
\r\n3. Star Above the Garter/Denis Murphy's/Denis O Keeffe's
\r\n4. The Sligo Maid/Hand Me Down the Tackle/Come West Along the Road
\r\n5. The Rose in the Heather/Langstrom's Pony/Tatter Jack Walsh/The Newport Lasses
\r\n6. Planxty Sir Festus Burke
\r\n7. The Rambling and Sporting Pitchforks
\r\n8. Poll Ha'Penny/The Old Bush/Within a Mile of Dublin
\r\n9. Na Ceannabhain Bhana/Hardiman the Fiddler/Drops of Brandy
\r\n10. The Princess Royal
\r\n11. Gallagher's Frolics/The Pipe on the Hob/The Hag at the Churn
\r\n12. The Chicago/The Humours of Ballyconnell/Father Kelly's #2
\r\n13. Chief O Neill's Favorite/Kitty's Wedding
\r\n14. So Early in the Spring
\r\n15. Pat & Mike/As I Went Out Upon the Ice/The Knocknaboul
\r\n16. The Old and New Copperplates
\r\n17. Up Sligo/Dr O Neill/Tom Billy's #1
\r\n18. The Union/The New-Mown Meadow/The Boys of Malin

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