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Return to Droim - Colm Gannon


Return to Droim - Colm Gannon

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Gannon,Colm - Return to Droim

\r\n\r\nColm was born in Boston of Connemara parents, and has \r\nnow returned to live at home. He learned to play the \r\naccordion from his father and added to his knowledge \r\nfrom the music of Boston's Irish community. He has \r\nplayed with the best players in Ireland since coming \r\nhome, and his debut CD is a credit to him. Accompanied \r\nby John Blake, he is joined on some tracks by Jesse Smith\r\nand John Carty. This is mature, melodic music that is \r\nwell worth listening to.
\r\n1)Sean sa Cheo/The Hut in the Bog
\r\n2)An Spealadoir/Bantry Bay
\r\n3)Silver Spear/Flax in Bloom
\r\n4)Grogans/Ta an Coilleach ag Fogairt an Lae/Sixpenny Money
\r\n5)Green Mountain/Ladies Bonnet/Boyne Hunt
\r\n6)Connaught Man's Rambles/Haste to the Wedding
\r\n7)Thios ag an Tobar
\r\n8)Larry McDonaugh's/Boys of Ballisodare
\r\n10)Plains of Boyle/Callaghan's/The Fairy Hornpipe
\r\n11)Mother's Delight
\r\n12)Reel of Bogie/The Shepard's Daughter
\r\n13)Bogs of Shanaheaver
\r\n\r\n \r\n

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