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Soundpost and Bridle - Neff Brothers


Soundpost and Bridle - Neff Brothers

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\r\nSOUNDPOST and BRIDLE - Neff Brothers
\r\nFlaithr� Neff: Uilleann Pipes / Whistles / Keyboard
\r\nEoghan Neff: Fiddle / Keyboard
\r\nMuireann Neff: Bodhr�n / Percussion
\r\n�ibhear Neff: Mandola
\r\n(NeffBros is a duet of Flaithr� & Eoghan.
\r\nTeaghlach is the group.)

\r\n\r\n\r\n1. (Teaghlach) :-
\r\nR�l U� Ruairc, (O�Rourke's), An Leaba Uisce, (The Waterbed), An Chap�g Ghruaigeach, (The Hairy Dogleaf)
\r\n2. (NeffBros) :-
\r\nS�amus � Broin, (James Burns), Crosaire U� Chlumh�in, (Coleman's Cross), Port Chathail Mhic Dhomhnaill, (Cathal McConnell's)
\r\n3. (NeffBros) :-
\r\nCantiga da Ca�iza, (Ballad of �Ca�iza�{a town in Galicia}), An Peidhleac�n, (The Butterfly)
\r\n4. (Flaithr�) :-
\r\nCornph�opa Dhonnacha U� Bhriain, (Dinny O'Brien's), Rogha an Ardcheannfairt � N�ill, (Chief O' Neill's Favourite)
\r\n5. (Teaghlach) :-
\r\nAn tS�or-Ghaoith, (The Eternal Wind) Flaithr�, Radharc an Iolair, (The Eagle's View) Eoghan, An Choill Dharach Chi�in, (The Oak Wood Silent) Eoghan
\r\n6. (NeffBros) :-
\r\nM�irse�il, (March), �Larid�e�
\r\n7. (NeffBros) :-
\r\nP�id� Sp�irti�l, (Sporting Paddy), R�l Mh�irt�n U� Ghaoithin, (Martin Wynn's), Sl�n le h�irinn, (Farewell to Erin)
\r\n8. (Eoghan) :-
\r\nCaoineadh U� N�ill, (A Keening for O'Neill)
\r\n9. (NeffBros) :-
\r\nPort U� Riain, (Ryan's Jig), Port Siney, (Siney's jig), Se�n � Duibhir, (John O'Dwyer)
\r\n10. (NeffBros) :-
\r\nFiach na B�inne, (The Boyne Hunt), Scaip na Cleit�, (Toss the Feathers), Tigh an tSealgaire, (The Hunter's House), Leac na Cuimhne, (The Flagstone of Memories)
\r\n11. (Flaithr�) :-
\r\nAn Seans Deireanach, (The Last Chance)
\r\n12. (Eoghan) :-
\r\nCaiseal Sterling, (Castle Sterling), Mair�ad Camshr�n, (Maggie Cameron), Cos�n Gairbh�alach, (The Gravel Walk), Sic�n� Shin�id, (Jennie's Chickens)
\r\n13. (Teaghlach) :-
\r\nAmuigh ar an bhFarraige, (Over the Ocean), Gan Ainm, (unknown), An Chailleach ag an gCuinneog, (The Hag at the Churn)
\r\n\r\n\r\nTrack 5 is composed by Flaithr� & Eoghan and is

\r\ndedicated to the Choctaw Nation and the victims of \r\nour own Great Famine. In 1831 the Choctaw Indians \r\nwere forcibly removed from their ancestral lands in \r\nMississippi to Oklahoma, this sad journey is known as \r\n�The Trail of Tears� . They suffered many thousands \r\nof deaths, but yet only 16 years after their removal, \r\nthese noble-minded Choctaws raised money from their \r\nmeagre resources to help the starving of Ireland's \r\nGreat Famine. �This itself is a precious original \r\ncomposition and worth the purchase.� \r\n(Hornpipe Magazine, USA) \r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n

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