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Journeyman - Gerry O'Connor


Journeyman - Gerry O'Connor

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O'Connor, Gerry

\r\n\r\nGerry O'Connor (Fiddle)
\r\nD�nal O'Connor: fiddle, piano
\r\nMartin Quinn: accordion
\r\nNeil Martin: cello
\r\nPaul McSherry: guitar
\r\nMartin O'Hare: bodhran

\r\n\r\nThe Irish World ****
\r\nThe Journeyman is quite simply breath taking.

\r\nGerry 0' Connor, one of Ireland's most outstanding \r\nfiddle players, has created his first solo masterpiece \r\nin this delightful album. Gerry O'Connor is well-known \r\nwithin traditional music circles as a founding member of the band Skylark. \r\nHe was also a founding member of the band La Lugh and \r\ntheir album The Brighid's Kiss was voted album of the \r\nyear in 1996. \r\n\r\nGerry has decided to entice his fans by allowing them to \r\nhear him play alone in this fabulous collection of \r\ntraditional Irish music.
\r\n1. Jig in A/Dancing Eyes/Up and About in the Morning (Jigs)
\r\n2. The Chickens Gone To Scotland/Kitty the Hare/Jim Erwin's/Drunken Maids of Ardnare
\r\n3. Uir Chnoic Cein Mhic Cainte (air)
\r\n4. Yellow Wattle/Pat McKenna's/Christy Barry's (jigs)
\r\n5. The Maid Behind the Bar/Paddy Ryan's Dream/Music in the Glen (reels)
\r\n6. Bidh Eoin/Casey's Pig/Rose Mooney (highlands)
\r\n7. Bonny Anne/Traver's/Sporting Nell (reels)
\r\n8. The Day the Ass Ran Away/Lancers/Tickle her Leg With the Barley Straw (single jigs)
\r\n9. Star of Munster/Boys of the Lough (reels)
\r\n10. Bessie the Beauty of Rossinare Hill (air)
\r\n11. Hanley's/McGann's (reels)
\r\n12. The Left Hand Reel/Lass of Ballintra/Rakes of Invercairn (reels)
\r\n\r\n \r\n\r\n\r\n

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