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Fortune Favours the Merry - Peter Horan & Gerry Harrington


Fortune Favours the Merry - Peter Horan & Gerry Harrington

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Horan, Peter
\r\nFortune Favours the Merry
\r\nPeter Horan & Gerry Harrington
\r\nWith Ollie Ross (piano)

\r\n\r\n\r\nPeter and Gerry create a tight blend of wind and string \r\nin which neither dominates. The music is played in a \r\nclean, spirited fashion without sacrificing any of their \r\nindividual capacity to grace the music. You will enjoy \r\nlistening to their music as much as they enjoy playing it.\r\n Paddy Ryan

\r\n1. Jigs: The Gold Ring /The Rambling Pitchfork (3.41)
\r\n2. Reels: The Pigeon on the Gate / Trim the Velvet (3.01)
\r\n3. Hornpipes: John J. Kimmell's / 0' Callaghan's (4.41)
\r\n4. Reels: The Skylark / Roaring Mary (4.20)
\r\n5. Jigs: Tell Her I Am / Brennan's Favourite (3.57)
\r\n6. Reels: The Foxhunter / Captain Rock (2.37)
\r\n7. Hornpipes: McDermott's / The Flowers of Antrim (4.08)
\r\n8. Reel: Lord Gordon (3.11)
\r\n9. Polkas: The Corkin Cross Polka / The Lakes of Sligo / Memories of Ballymote (3.10)
\r\n10. Reels: Jackson's 1 & 2 (1.50)
\r\n11. Jigs: The Geese in the Bog / Up Sligo / The Castlebar Races (4.37)
\r\n12. Reels: The Four Courts / The Bunch of Keys (2.56)
\r\n13. Hornpipes: Lad O'Beirne's / Sault's Hornpipe (2.51)
\r\n14. Jigs: O'Connell's Farewell to Dublin/Anthony Frawley's/ The Trip to Killarney (6.05)
\r\n15. Reels: Dowd's No.9 / The Hunter's House (3.38)
\r\n16. Air: She Sailed from Dublin (2.39)
\r\n17. Reels: The Flogging Reel / The Mountain Top (2.41)

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