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Tobar an Duchais - Brid O'Donohue


Tobar an Duchais - Brid O'Donohue

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O'Donohue, Brid - Tobar an Duchais
nTraditional Irish Tin Whistle & Flute

\r\nBr�d O'Donoghue has long been recognised as one of \r\nIreland's finest whistle players, though she herself \r\nis very modest about her musical ability and has never \r\nsought the limelight. Paddy Canny, a wonderful fiddle \r\nplayer from East Clare considers Br�d the finest \r\ntraditional whistle player he has heard.

\r\n\r\nA little biography\r\nBr�d was born in Caherush, midway between Quilty and \r\nMiltown Malbay. She started playing the tin whistle at \r\nthe age of six at Annagh National School where her \r\nschool teacher was Tessie Walsh, sister-in-law of \r\nJunior Crehan. Her music was very much influenced by \r\nher uncle J.C. Talty and Willie Clancy. She grew up \r\nplaying with and absorbing from the music of J.C. and \r\nWillie. Her love of whistle playing is as a result of \r\nthis. Willie Clancy gave her much encouragement to \r\ncontinue playing the tin whistle. She remembers how \r\nWillie always made the time to to sit down and play \r\nwith her during her visit to his house. He gave her \r\nmuch instruction on tunes and ornamentation at a very \r\nearly age. \r\nBr�d starting playing flute at the age of eighteen and \r\nenjoys playing the flute at sessions and c�il's. She \r\nhas a great love of the Irish Language and and Irish \r\nCulture.\r\nTobar an D�chais\r\nThe music on the CD was selected for it's associations with the people Br�d learned from, in that sense it's a very personal recording, here she plays the tunes learned when growing up. It is often said Irish traditional music is the music of people and places. If ever there was a CD that reflected that, this is the one. \r\n\r\nTracks:

\r\nTin Whistles: Generation 'C', Cillian O Briain 'D' 'Eb', Susato 'B' 'C', and Sindt 'D'.\r\nAll tracks traditionally arranged by Br�d O'Donohue \r\nexcept 'The Cornstack', track 10 Tune 2, composed by \r\nthe late Se�n Ryan.
\r\n\r\nReels R�leanna: The Green Groves of Erin / The Copper Plate
\r\nJigs Poirt: Castlebar Races / Paddy Clancy's / Tony Molloy's
\r\nHornpipes Cornph�opa�:\r\nScully Casey's / Dunphy's Hornpipe
\r\nReels R�leanna:\r\nOver the Moor to Maggie / The Steam Packet
\r\nSlow Air Fonn Mall:\r\nCaoineadh an Spailp�n
\r\nSlip Jigs: Poirt Luascaigh\r\nO'Farrell's Welcome to Limerick / Na Ceannabh�in Bh�na
\r\nReels R�leanna:\r\nThe Humours of Lissadel / The Reel of Mullinavat
\r\nJigs Poirt:\r\nBanish Misfortune / The Planting Stick
\r\nSlow Air & Set Dance Fonn Mall & Rince Leithleach:\r\nThe Bold Trainer O / Mount Phoebus Hunt
\r\nReels R�leanna:\r\nMiss McDonalds / The Cornstack
\r\nJigs Poirt:\r\nThe Humours of Ballyloughlin / Brother Gildas
\r\nReels R�leanna:\r\nMcDermott's / O'Dwyer's
\r\nSlow Air Fonn Mall:\r\nAmhr�n na Leabhar
\r\nSlip Jigs Poirt Luascaigh:\r\nGive us a Drink of Water / Hardiman the Fiddler / The Kid on the Mountain
\r\nReels R�leanna:\r\nAmbrose Maloney's / The Concert Reel \r\n \r\n\r\n

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