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various - Seoltai Seidte - Setting Sail

\r\nAn historic collection, remastered on 2 CDs, of \r\ntwenty 78 rpm discs first issued by Gael Linn from \r\n1957 to 1961: 43 performances by outstanding solo singers \r\nin Irish from Irish-speaking districts and solo musicians \r\nfrom the rest of Ireland on fiddle, flute, accordion and \r\nuilleann pipes. with a 96-page companion booklet authored by Irish \r\nTraditional Music Archives head Nicholas Carolan. \r\nThe booklet contains the detailed story of how the \r\noriginal records came to be made, comprehensive notes on \r\nall the performers and on each track, in particular with \r\nthe full lyrics in Gaelic and English translation of the\r\nsean-nos songs which constitute about half the recordings. \r\nSince Gael-Linn's original goal was the promotion of the \r\nIrish language, it won't be a surprise that more than \r\nhalf of the tracks feature a real who's who of sean-nos \r\nsingers, representing the major Gaelic-speaking areas, \r\nDonegal, Connemara, and Kerry/Cork. \r\n
\r\nsingers and instrumentalists:

\r\nSean 'ac Dhonncha, Seosamh O hEanai, Aodh O Duibheannaigh,\r\nAine Ni Ghallchobhair, Sean de hOra, Diarmuid O Flatharta,\r\nMaire Nic Dhonnchadha, Sean Ryan (fiddle), \r\nDenis Murphy (fiddle), Joe Devlin (fiddle), \r\nJohnny Pickering (fiddle), Sean McLaughlin (fiddle), \r\nPaddy Canny (fiddle), Tommy Reck (uilleann pipes),\r\nWillie Clancy (uilleann pipes), Vincent Broderick (flute)\r\nJoe Burke (accordion)\r\n
\r\nCD 1
\r\n1. Sean 'ac Dhonncha - Song: Bean Phaidin
\r\n2. Sean 'ac Dhonncha - Song: Is I Do Mhamo I
\r\n3. Sean Ryan - Reel: The Dash to Portobello
\r\n4. Seosamh O hEanai - Song: Caoineadh na dTri Mhuire
\r\n5. Tommy Reck - Reels: Bonny Kate / Mrs. McLeod's / The Fermoy Lasses
\r\n6. Seosamh O hEanai - Song: Neainsin Bhan
\r\n7. Tommy Reck - Air: Carolan's Concerto
\r\n8. Seosamh O hEanai - Song: Bean an Leanna
\r\n9. Denis Murphy - Reels: The Kerry Reel / Colonel Frazer / The Steampacket
\r\n10. Sean 'ac Dhonncha - Song: Mainistir na Buille
\r\n11. Denis Murphy - Reels: Saint Anne's / The New-Mown Meadows
\r\n12. Sean 'ac Dhonncha - Song: An Buinnean Bui
\r\n13. Joe Devlin - Jigs: The Blooming Meadows / The Queen of the Fair / The Luck Penny
\r\n14. Aodh O Duibheannaigh - Song: Geaftai Bhaile Bui
\r\n15. Johnny Pickering - Jigs: Jackson's Rum Punch / The Rose in the Heather
\r\n16. Aodh O Duibheannaigh - Song: Uirchill an Chreagain
\r\n17. Sean McLaughlin - Reels: The Earl's Chair / Tom Steele
\r\n18. Aine Ni Ghallchobhair - Song: Ar Maidin De Mairt
\r\n19. Johnny Pickering - Hornpipes: The Wily Old Bachelor / The Harvest Home
\r\n20. Aine Ni Ghallchobhair - Song: Brid Bheasach
\r\n21. Aine Ni Ghallchobhair - Song: Ar a Ghabhail chun a Chuain Damh
\r\n22. Sean McLaughlin - Reels: Rhattigan's / Mrs. McLeod's
\r\nCD 2
\r\n1. Sean de hOra - Song: An Gamhain Geal Ban
\r\n2. Denis Murphy - Reels: The Piper's Despair / Jim Kennedy's Favourite
\r\n3. Diarmuid O Flatharta - Song: An Seanduine
\r\n4. Willie Clancy - Song Air: Na Connerys
\r\n5. Sean 'ac Dhonncha - Song: An Draighnean Donn
\r\n6. Paddy Canny - Jigs: Garret Barry's / Brian O'Lynn
\r\n7. Sean 'ac Dhonncha - Song: Ta na Paipeir dha Saighneail
\r\n8. Willie Clancy - Reels: The Old Bush / The Ravelled Hank of Yarn
\r\n9. Sean 'ac Dhonncha - Song: Brid Thomais Mhurchadha
\r\n10. Vincent Broderick - Reels: Down the Broom / The Boys of Ballisodare
\r\n11. Seosamh O hEanai - Song: Amhran na Tra Baine
\r\n12. Vincent Broderick - Jigs: Old Man Dillon / The Battering Ram
\r\n13. Seosamh O hEanai - Song: Amhran na Paise
\r\n14. Paddy Canny - Reels: Lord McDonald's / The Fair of Ballinasloe
\r\n15. Seosamh O hEanai - Song: Sadhbh Ni Bhruinneallaigh
\r\n16. Seosamh O hEanai - Song: Measa Liom Bhrodach
\r\n17. Willie Clancy - Hornpipes: The Plains of Boyle / The Leitrim Fancy
\r\n18. Maire Ni Dhonnchadha - Song: Caislean Ui Neill
\r\n19. Joe Burke - Reels: The Golden Keyboard / Farrell O'Gara
\r\n20. Maire Ni Dhonnchadha - Song: Piopa Ainde Mhoir
\r\n21. Joe Burke - Reels: The Dawn / The Moving Cloud
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