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ALISON McMORLAND & GEORDIE McINTYRE with Kirsty Potts: ROWAN IN THE ROCK Scots Songs & Ballads

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Alison McMorland and Geordie McIntyre\r\nwith Kirsty Potts\r\nROWAN IN THE ROCK\r\nSONGS OF LOVE, LAND AND NATURE\r\nThe Tradition Bearers (2001) \r\nThe A83 \r\nWild Geese/Norland Wind \r\nBackies \r\nInveroran \r\nSeven Men of Knoydart \r\nWestlin' Winds \r\nThe Silkie of Sule Skerry \r\nJoy of Living \r\nAnother Valley \r\nBraes o' Balquidder \r\nQuiet River \r\nMother Earth \r\nJohn Muir \r\nRowan in the Rock \r\nalso featuring:\r\nNorman Chalmers (concertina, moothie, bodhran, whistle \r\nand Jew's harp), Derek Hoy (fiddles) and Patsy Seddon \r\n(clarsach) Both Alison and Geordie have a lifetime of \r\nexperience of traditional song and thier knowledge and \r\nlove of the tradition comes through in all their music. \r\nOn this album they have blended older songs with recently\r\nwritten songs including several from the pen of Geordie \r\nhimself. The fact that the CD comes across as a seamless \r\nwhole, rather than merely a collection of great songs, is\r\na testament to the writers and singers and their place \r\nin a long unbroken tradition.\r\n \r\n It would be possible to file this recording under \r\n'contemporary song' in recognition of the new writing. \r\nIt would equally be possible to file it alongside any \r\ncollection of traditional songs. In my opinion Alison \r\nand Geordie have produced a recording with depth and \r\nlasting value.\r\n\r\nPete Heywood \r\n

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